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What is the purpose of Auto-Bottle on the canister emptier?

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I've noticed that dupes will still take gas directly from a canister filler and deliver it to this thing even when auto-bottle is off, which is what I thought this option would do. That's how the bottle emptier/pitcher pump relationship works, so I expected their closest gas counterparts to work the same way. Is this just a bug or is there perhaps another way to fill gas canisters that I'm not considering that would affect the auto-bottle option?

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Tasking remains more or less normal until "enable autobottle" is checked on one of these.... I feel it may need a bug report to bring attention to what's going on. The scenarios where this building is used are so generally limited that it makes me think that it is neglected without major ado...

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12 hours ago, MinhPham said:

copy paste you know ....

@BallisticBuddha there have been a lot of copy-paste issues in the past. I've personally reported at least 3 or 4, only me. Even it should have been fixed by devs (confirmed as fixed), some may remain.

It's sounds like a bug to me also, so don't hesitate to open a report. If the issue is indeed coming from the copy-paste, as far as I noticed devs always took care of those issues.


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