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who is the best chopper


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  1. 1. who is the best chopper/resource gatherer overall

    • woodie
    • maxwell
    • wurt
    • other

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Well Bearger is the fastest in long term worlds at least one or two years in, but I actually prefer to kill it at last once, maybe twice. I didn't do long term worlds until very recently however. Also I think it is better to let it die to tree guards. Living logs are a very valuable resource. If you already have Bearger loot and don't want any more, sure, keep it alive and use it for chopping I guess. It's certainly efficient to let it chop trees before it dies though.

What matters to me much more is early first autumn or first year efficiency respectively. I typically want logs before bearger spawns.

Bottom line:

1. With most characters it's Pigs/Merms except you're Wortox or Webber or have a significant gathering upside so they don't make too much of a difference (with Warly you still likely want both honey seasoning and a few Pigs).

2. When you want to choose a character that is specifically good at gathering, then pick Maxwell. He is the fastest pre-Bearger gatherer and requires little resources to do so as well (his lackeys don't have durability).

3. Later on, when you can do whatever you like anyways you can keep your Bearger alive I guess, or really do giant batches during autumn before you kill it.

And in any case, the most efficient thing is typically to gather in bulk. Not "oh I need some logs for X, so lemme gather half a stack". I mean you do this before you have a base setup, but after that it should be deliberate time to gather logs and really fill your inventory. If you are starting to gather wood before you emptied your inventory of stuff you don't need for this task or when you don't have enough hunger to sustain yourself for 2-3 days, then your method won't matter nearly as much because you'll be wasting time traveling and getting distracted by other needs.

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17 hours ago, Guille6785 said:

it's absolutely true that treeguards slow down maxwell a lot, I was very clear about that, but based on my testing woodie vs maxwell simply isn't debatable; woodie has to spend a very significant amount of time chopping with or without honey only to *then* start picking up the wood and he can't even dig the stumps while chopping whereas maxwell is chopping + digging + picking from the first minute. I actually made a mistake in my video and gave maxwell a number of pig houses that was only suitable for 100-200 trees for a test that used 400 trees; woodie is so slow that simply hiring pigs to chop for you is actually faster than werebeaver + honey, just with the downside of not chopping during the night. I think all methods I showed in the video have their ups and downs for mass farming with the sole exception of woodie who offers nothing you can't get elsewhere and is significantly slower than every other method.

It was a very good video, I'm glad somebody finally made it, and I didn't mean to imply that you did not mention treeguard RNG in it. I mentioned it as an example of one aspect of the video that can certainly be discussed further, contrary to the claim that "there is nothing left to discuss" or that any conclusions based on tests are "simply not debatable."

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

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