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Don't Starve Together Patch 2.14 - 5/20/2021 (PlayStation 4)

  • Bolt packs are no longer missing from the shop.
  • Fixed an issue where some people would get stuck in permanent night after starting or stopping the moon storms.
  • Fixed Walter's missing avatar icon.
  • Fixed evergreens regrowing in summer ignoring the evergreen regrowth multiplier.
  • Fixed moonstorm sometimes disappearing when reloading the world.
  • Fixed the Enlightened Crown disappearing with low sanity.
  • Enlightened Crown will now remember if it has been closed by the current wearer.
  • Fixed a crash when it starts raining when fighting antlion.

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Awesome ! Thanks a lot.
Several of this bugs been happening while I been playing with my Gf.
Cheers everyone.


The bug for the enlighted crown to remember if has been closed. Is not working IF you go to the caves. It will re-open the menu again.

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