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  1. Not sure if it’s been posted before but Iv seen this in many of my late game worlds. Not sure if it’s after so many days or if it’s right away. Half of the structures in this picture aren’t really there. It seems to be duplicating the images of certain structures maybe? Maybe just the area? Not to sure
  2. I usually always keep my PlayStation in rest mode mainly for this reason, like literally 24/7 because of the fear of losing progress lol so I came home from work and accidently bumped the power wire while it was in rest mode. Idk if that actually caused my progress to be lost because i still had the application open in background before bumping the power chord but maybe this knowledge could be use to someone
  3. It happened to me again just now. Played about 100 days yesterday, all my progress was lost. I’m so hurt. This has happened to me many times before, but I never played 100 days in one real life day like that. I’d like to think that backing up my save file would help but last time this happened I quit out of the game and went back in and lost all my progress that day. So idk if it’s completely forgetting all the progress as soon as you quit the game or what. To upload save storage to cloud you have to exit the game. Makes me think there’s no way for a workaround. So I guess I’m just going to have to stop maybe every 30 days or so exit the game and save to online storage to make sure I don’t lose another big chunk like that. I’m honestly clueless. Bummed
  4. Setting, application saved data management, saved data in system storage, upload to online storage.
  5. Are you both 100% that is the correct celestial fissures? I have 3 I’m my world that are almost exact same way but aren’t for the celestial champ. Just wanted to see if maybe this was the case in your worlds. Maybe try take a closer look around for more celestial fissures in a triangle formation.
  6. And then after you leave the game and come back the sign won’t be written on at all.
  7. The salt image doesn’t appear on mini signs.
  8. Didn’t take very long at all, awesome!
  9. After I killed the champion it remained night forever and yes I believe mine was set to spring only at the time.
  10. Yes I honestly had a harder time with the birds than I did with the champion. The weather pain was making me raaaaaaaaage lol
  11. I waited 3 days at a fissure in darkness. Lol How or when do the lights get turned back on?
  12. I beat the champion and the world went dark forever. Waited a few days at a celestial fissure thinking it will become light at begining of the day, and it didn’t, not sure if that’s a bug or intended. I rolled back and it was working though
  13. Someday this will be fixed, It looks like a really fun fight to, but until then, it’s cheese only for 99% of console players
  14. PS4 don’t starve together DOES have local coop.
  15. It finally happened to me, played over 50 days in one sitting, beat fuelweaver and crab king, did a BUNCH of base building. Only to log out to run to the store, to come back to everything I did today is completely gone. I’m so hurt. Might not pick up another video game for a while honestly. Lol