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  1. Beat klaus, wait till the beginning of the next day, then after it saves, open the sack. If you don’t like the prize roll back. You won’t have to fight him again and all the loot will be different every time.
  2. As long as your account is primary on your ps4 And have PlayStation plus, you can play online Split screen with accounts that don’t have PlayStation plus.
  3. I feel like if people keep asking they will listen eventually. I’d do dirty things for a geometric placement mod on console.
  4. You could if you had a pc. Sadly console dst won’t ever have anything like that.
  5. Downloaded chrome, got the page to work. Not sure why every once in a while I have to remove my linked account and renter it. I watched over 8 hours of stream at work today came home, logged on and didn’t receive any gift. I’m sure I’m back on now though.
  6. Same for me, on safari On iPhone. The page goes blank when you click on the PS4 symbol.
  7. I have thousands of hours into the game. lately, I turn it on, get into a world, and lose all inspiration because of everything being so out of line and the amount of time it takes to try and get everything somewhat close to being lined up. It’s of course never perfect.
  8. Yes! That helps big time thank you!
  9. I was in the caves near the exit sink hole and a mole worm dropped during an earthquake underneath the exit. It made its burrow, and now I’m unable to dig it up. No matter what angle I try to come in with a shovel.
  10. Sounds like an internet problem possibly? When you hit X on play now you have to wait for it to load, if you hit X before it’s done loading it will play offline
  11. Never on console, feels like a waste of time. Always solo in my own world. I have ptsd from when I used to let people play in my world. They either burnt all my berry bushes burn away Or it was summer and they went by them and let them burn. Most of the people that would join my game were very inexperienced. When it comes to joining someone else’s it’s very similar. Anyone that makes it past the first season password protects there game, so 90% of the time your playing with a super inexperienced person.
  12. All enemies have a chance to drop it, just like regular ornaments. They added that into the rng since we didn’t get the forge. I have many of them in my world as well.
  13. I have been attempting this on console, After a few days of constant rage I gave up, can’t do it solo, would love to see a video on it being done though
  14. There’s almost always a bunnyman village near one of of your cave entrenches. If you can find a bunnyman village, you have infinite food supply. Watch a video about bunnyman, Best advise I can give you. Give one Bunnyman a carrot and fake swing at a different bunnyman and all the bunny’s will attack him for you, you can do that every single day. You’ll have tons of carrots and some meat. Best food farm in the game if you figure out the mechanics of bunny’s. Just whatever you do, never pick up meat, or have meat in your inventory while the bunny’s are out of their house or they will kill you very fast. ......Also I don’t know if you know about roll backs, but if you die, burn your base, or just do anything you regret doing you can roll back to the beginning of the day or if you keep doing it, you can rollback multiple days if you want.
  15. Wow great job! I completely agree with you. He is very tedious. I have Saved up a bunch of iridescent gems in my world and I have been trying to figure out a guide on that fight. It’s by far the hardest fight in the game. Waaaaaaaay harder than misery toad. See if you can get it done!
  16. You have to spend hours on hours on YouTube Or the dst wiki, looking up everything about the game. Take notes. It’s honestly a grind learning absolutely everything. But if you put the time in, the game gets way more enjoyable. Pc players have a way bigger advantage because of the mods/ cheats which makes it way easier/faster for them to learn the game. To be honest though play as maxwell. He’s the closest you’ll get to “easy” mode due to his sanity in my opinion. I would just avoid fighting mobs/ bosses until you figure out the game more.
  17. Every content creator Iv ever watched on dst all had geometric placement. Building things almost never come out the way I want. Gets pretty aggravating Sometimes. Makes base building not as fun in my opinion, not to hate on the game at all, I put looooots of hours into this game. By far my favorite game. Maybe it’s just an OCD thing.....Also in addition to my don’t starve wish, I’d also wish for a zoom out feature, like pc players have Lol
  18. Make your main base in the caves. All berry bushes, farms, bee boxes all keep producing during the winter as long as their done in the caves under underneath some surface light.
  19. The amount of money I’m willing to spend on a geometric placement dlc for console is wild.... if a genie granted me 3 wishes, I would use one of them on wishing dst console edition had geometric placement. I know I can’t be the only one that feels this way.
  20. Any ideas when the update is coming to PS4? We still have no ant lion