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High pressure pump and etc.

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1. High pressure pump (liquid) - 100 liters per second.
2. High pressure pump (gas) - 10 kilograms per second.
3. High pressure pipes for High pressure pumps (size 2 or 3 cells) water and air.
4. Pressure increase / decrease reducer - for High pressure pumps (100 liter / 10 litas and 10 kg / 1 kg). one hole 100/10 l / kg, several outlets of 10 l / 1 kg.
5. The average power of the assembly wires is 4 kilowatts.
6. Teleport transmits a logical signal

Sorry for the google translate.

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52 minutes ago, degr said:

звучит как запрос на мод (что-то вроде  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1720247784 ), а не на обновление игры. Не представляю, зачем вам 10 кг газа в секунду и 100 литров в секунду. В моей самой большой колонии я использую 18 кг / с воды для производства кислорода.

to ensure the transportation of several liquids at once, in different packages

I want to build a beautiful colony. Now there are many different pipes. For example, in the real world there is a gas pipeline and an oil pipeline. Then the gas is transferred to the recipients through pipes of a smaller diameter.


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1 hour ago, degr said:

sounds like request for mod (something like https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1720247784), not for game update. Can't imagine why you need 10 kg of gas per second and 100 liters per second. For my largest colony I use 18kg/s of water for oxygen production.

Mhhhhhh...I find that the vanilla game could welcome larger diameter fluid and gas pipes which can handle much greater volumes. Lets say 2 or 3 tiles wide :congratulatory: Same with power, I would welcome a power cable which can handle 200K Watts power, to be possible in vanilla + 10 k / 20k transformers. Those large volume pipes and power cables should require advanced components/materials from multiple asteroids IMHO. Maybe something for Klei to implement by 2024 - Praying :p

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On 5/18/2021 at 7:07 AM, booleanman1983 said:

Are the developers watching this forum?

Yes, but they usually don`t reply to suggestins. However some of the suggestions get implemented.

The problem with bigger pumps is that we need bigger pipes. The current ones can`t carry more liquid. There were a few suggestions for super pipes to work similar to ribbon wires where you`d need to unload the liquid using smaller pipes.

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>Are the developers watching this forum?

Not all of them. If they watch, they laugh|cry, depends from personality.

Suppose, it should work that way -

1. manager read suggestion

2. he think it is not insane, and it could be and would be used by many players

3. check board with current tasks, check terms and plans of new release

4. create an issue in bug tracking system 

5. add this issue to next release (not "this" release)

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