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  1. I'm loading oxygen into the gas storage. The storage size is 3600 kg. Oxygen is loaded at 1 kg per second - this is a very long time. 3600/60 = 60 minutes. Or am I doing something wrong?
  2. My cartographic module do not work too Thank you for the explanation
  3. To immediately see what is stored in the warehouse. Determine the content by the icon.
  4. I suggest adding the ability to install an icon of stored material in warehouses. With a large number of warehouses, I can't remember in which warehouse what is stored.
  5. I had to destroy all the solar panels on the rocket platform to stop the game from lagging. This action prevents the batteries from being charged and the game balance has deteriorated. Will the problem with solar panels be fixed?
  6. 亲爱的朋友!您可以使用在线翻译器翻译成英文。谢谢!
  7. Be careful with your statements. I live in Siberia. Today it's +32 degrees Celsius outside and wonderful weather.
  8. New biome. Acid precipitation (acid fog, options are possible). The biome is inhabited by poisonous spiders, not aggressive, but when trying to kill them, they can bite. If you try to catch them with an inexperienced trapper, poison (acid) may sprinkle. Acid fog has a detrimental effect on the health of duplicates, atmosuits also wear out, but much faster. When you inhale acid mist, breathing worsens, oxygen consumption increases significantly, and burns appear on the body. The duplicate requires medication. If you breathe in acid for a long time, then dizziness begins and the duplicate begins to walk back and forth, as if he is on LSD. Spiders secrete a cobweb that, after processing, looks like reed fiber. Do You like this? (google english)