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Is It Possible to Reset Compendium Memory?

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Title says it all.

The thing is I want to reset progress of my Cook Book if possible. Especially modded recipes. I'm in a middle of creating a mod that adds some recipes and was trying different ingredients, but game is reading disabled or changed recipes as previously used and it's confusing.

Since I already decided which ingredients will be used in which recipes I would love to reset Cook Book mess and make it to remember only the correct ones.

Any ideas guys? Is it even possible?

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it is

after 30 minutes of trial and errori figured out

if you replace the file (down there) with this 



it resets everything including food names

if you want to keep food names its a bit more different i figured that out too (its a long process)



open this file with notepad or wordpad and delete everything and replace it with the thing i said (if there is second cookbook file delete it thats how i could make it)


and now how to keep food names without keeping how to make



you have to delete every word after every crockpot food name and when its done it all should be gone completely 

i showed here that what part you should remove and replace with just true (dont mind upper part)

and thats how you do it (figured out how to do plant registry now too message me if you want it)

38 minutes ago, Captain_Rage said:

Discovered recipes and plant facts are tied to your Klei account (correct me if I'm wrong).

well uhh i did it sooo : ))

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