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the energy from the Ancient Gateway on the mural ·

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I haven't seen anyone talk about this yet :v
with the Return of Them

I think now it's safe to say that the White power drawn in the mural is from the moon... celestial? :V 



later on we the shadow or nightmare fuel energy form an eye


the only eye we have seen before is the Moon during the Moon event



while thinking about that, I came up with a theory

What if the shadow eye from the Gateway is the same eye from the moon, but during solar eclipse, aka Aporkalypse? 


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Just now, ArubaroBeefalo said:

why opposites and not just 2 different things? having to sides in every story start to smell even if the moon isnt good, i hope klei would be more original

I like it because neither of them are good

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11 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

if is because they are being territorial im in

probably. I mean, the entire Lunar Grotto is in war cause them shadows didn't fancy them gestalts invading their favourite vacation place

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Doesn't look like a similarity to me. You know, mammal, reptile, lots of animal eyes in general just tend to be shaped that way.

Don't Starve always had a thing for eyes in general. Deerclops, Eyeplant, No-Eyed Deer, Klaus, Tallbirds

Maybe it's just to indicate that someone or something "them" is watching. 

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4 hours ago, DaZoul said:

Shadows and Moon stuffs are opposites, but are very alike, wouldn't be surprised if they both were eyes. And as far as Gods go in these realms, they aren't that creative, the only other being a big mouth

I know
But during  solar eclipse or Apocalypse 

Ancient Herald spawn

it makes me think that maybe the apocalypse has something to do with shadow energy:v
so maybe what the the gateway suddenly releases a ton of shadow energy is because the solar eclipse affects the moon power 

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