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Enemies set on fire by Willow shouldn't drop ash

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I like the idea but I dont like the implication of tactical torture

20 hours ago, HowlVoid said:

She knows fire better than anyone and it can be explained by her setting enemies on fire strategically. Such as setting a spiders legs on fire rather than their torso.


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25 minutes ago, xxXolot said:

It’s pretty cool mechanics wise, but I think Willow is a girl who like to see stuff completely burned to ash lol

Leftovers from a fire. I wish it was still here.

–Willow, when inspecting ash

I think she wishes things burned forever. Ash is the party pooper that lets Willow know party time is over. Leaving things intact after burning a mob would give her more fire fodder, which she would be over the moon for lol.

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