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I never knew how much damage Deerclops dealt until I played Wes

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Short story, I was running around Deerclops as Wes with the walking cane in my hand, tammie on my head, without any armor. I was just casually dancing around him until he hit me. I did not know I could get one-shot by Deerclops.

75 damage vs 75-health Wes. Now I know. :wilson_laugh:

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You can still bypass his squishiness the same way you do it as Maxwell. Of course the best is "git gud kite perfectly" but I always get distracted  and take hits anyway, so for anyone who is like me I recommend:


  • Helmet, at all times. Any helmet. Bee queen crown or Thul crown for late game.
  • Marble armor to tank something altogether.
  • Night armor, if you are not going to fight for long and just in case you get hit during the kiting. It also works wonders when you are already insane and need to fight multiple shadow creatures, in the ruins, or at lunar island.
  • Thul armor is better for the late game, it even comes with some sanity regen.
  • Ornery beefalo: this is probably the best solution in the long term, not only it makes you tankier for distractions, it also allows you to steadily have a decent damage output which Wes lacks.
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