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Proof of purchase skin on ps4

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Is there a way or maybe have a chance to get the proof of purchase skin on ps4?

I'm not talking about the skin in the klei shop but the one's you get on pc when you buy a copy of RoG and Sw.. Like the birdcage and the fire pit.

I own them both, so is there a way to get those skin on ps4? Now we can redeem code on the account page so i hope we can get them now (or later)

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10 hours ago, The_Alptraum said:


i’ve already create same question today :) 

Same problem. It’s really not fair that Playstation users can’t receive all available skins.

It’s much enough pain for us already, but klei think another. 

Sorry, i didn't see! xD

Well i tried, maybe they'll see our post and think about it... We have to raise our voice, regain our right.. We need attention, WE ARE PS4 PLAYER!!! Vive la resistance!!

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