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  1. Sir, for me it’s sounds like: Dear user, tell us your PSN ID, provide screenshots of DS: Shipwrecked receipt (as an acknowledgment of payment) and we’ll give you this skin. Same with DS: Reign of Giants and Mini Monument Fire Pit skin. Am i correctly understood? Because dear Sirs it is absolutely unfair. Kindly ask You to revert with good news T_T.
  2. Dear Klei, dear @CharlesB and others, hello. Today i've played DST (on ps4) with friends and one of them told me about one guy (PSN Nickname: BuziOTerrivel) who has a Pirate Birdcage on his server here ON PS4. I've found him, tried to ask him how he got it, but was just banned immidiatly after this question. You can see attached screenshots. Could you tell me please how is it even possible to receive this skin () on console??? And others too if it possible... (like Mini Monument Firepit, Pufft...) Also, i've tried to find out any info about it and found that someones used CD Keys from Steam version of the Don't Starve Shipwrecked on their consoles and got this skin! Ofcourse i've also tried but sure it's not workable already! Please, i'm on the point of a phychotic meltdown.
  3. Hello, when riding a beefalo his model disappears and the character is just flies above the ground. You can also see that I have the wrong things in my hands and on head (when beefalo riding and sometimes after dismount).