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What if for the webber rework (whenever it comes out no rush, the wes one is pretty funny) webber could get a whistle item from which he would call his tamed spiders back, sorta like how it works on pikmin, however in this case you have to tame the spiders beforehand, the whistle item could be held in webbers hand and it would work like a staff from the forge, as in it spawns a circle and the spiders go there, that would make attacking with spiders easier, and also it would avoid spiders getting sidetracked making the spiders more manageable, it would be similar to the way we saw webber use his spiders on the halloween short where wurt got introduced.

Now this may be farfetched and could make the charater a bit op, but what if the spiders could carry items back to the spider egg they came from, which would help webber with getting resources (this is probably not balanced however i think i would be funny)

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