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Do you think DST should grow so big?

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I'm pretty new here and can't speak much for how the community has changed or anything, but I'd argue that it's not growth people should be worried about but rather how DST has changed over the years. Mechanically the game is very different compared to how it originally was as just Don't Starve with friends and tankier enemies, and that appeals to different playstyles and crowds. 

DST is definitely a lot more accessible, the refreshes give character more tools for various situations and generally gives them an easier time, and it's undeniable that the art style has changed from the base game to Hamlet to present day. DST as a whole is rather different in spirit and in practice compared to both the original singleplayer game and the offshoot it started as. I think a lot of these changes are good changes with multiplayer and especially new players in mind (I remember the old days where so, so many games ended in the first winter), but it makes the game very different, for better or worse.


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12 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

In a few hours (can’t now busy working) I’m going to make one of my classic long lengthy posts, but I’m gonna do that in a new topic, and it directly relates to this thread so I’ll probably be linking it here later.

you'll be thinking about the post all day rite?

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