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I think I finally got over with Warbucks


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If you were an active follower of the Hamlet subforum 1-2 years ago, you probably know me for being one of the folks that were angry with Warbucks' removal. I were holding the grudge about it for very long time, untilI decided to look for JoeW's post in which he tells why they removed Warbucks, because I forgot the reason behind this decision.

I found this post.

JoeW's stance

And all I understood was "Warbucks is too boring, so we remove him". This awakened my old rage. I told myself "I was right! There was no good reason behind Warbucks' removal!", but then I scrolled down a little bit and found that post.

JoeW's explanation

And it made me think. [...]at this point he carries a lot of baggage[...] really struck me. That's true, Warbucks does carry a lot of baggage - prior to Tencent buying Klei revelation, Warbucks was probably the only that big of a fuss in Klei's Don't Starve forum history. He really is controversial (but not because he had some quotes referencing colonism) and there is no good answer to this whole situation.

So now I understand why we never got Warbucks back - Klei is afraid of making anything with him because of assumptions their actions would create. And that's understandable, even if regrettable.

And yes, maybe it took me a lot of time to get it, but finally I am at peace - and that's what matters.






I still think that would be the best case scenario thought



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Is sad that some closeminded internet whiteknights limited the creative freedom of klei.

Warbucks was removed but that isnt the only issue,  now klei will think better what to add and what to dont add because people that cant split a sad reallity to a fun dark humor fiction. Warbucks was a critic of a history event but people prefer to forget history like it never happend (hi germany who was the little moustage guy? They dont know apparently) and for that we are doomed to repeat it over and over. Also we should be allowed to laught at sad things, making fun of some bad ways of thinking we protect the society since people will considere that way of thinking (like the racism of warbucks) a ridiculous thing and people who think in that way will be consider as ridiculous people as they are

Is the same issue that happend recently with the videogame 'little devil inside'. Some white people complained about a creature inspired in african tribus. White asses defending black people but dont caring about other black people being slaves that mine their computer components to post dumb things on twitter





Yes im triggered

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38 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Nooooooo... There was a slight controversy with their earliest game shank having a **** scene.1694062378_Arielatedge.png.01aabf8e4e6a490814572b944e2801fb.png

Wow, I didn't know that. I have never been interested in Shank series to be honest.

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