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Which Year of Event is best for amassing Lucky Nuggets?

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With the upcoming update allowing us to change and cycle through old events at will I want to find out which Year of event is best for amassing huge amounts of Lucky Nuggets to get all the special sketches and hoard the special lanterns and fireworks as well as to be able to buy a TON of Lucky Whistles, Lucky Fans etc.

Year of the Beefalo so far is providing me with quite a few Lucky Nuggets however Year of the Gobbler seems pretty easy and straight forward. Seems like if you have a large berry farm already you can just feed a bunch of gobblers every day and constantly get Lucky Nuggets from them. Year of the Carrat seems like it takes a lot of setup and training your carrat to reliably get good rewards and Year of the Varg seems like it probably provides the slowest and lowest amount of Lucky Nuggets considering the Clay Varg isn't guaranteed from a Hunt right?

If anyone has already played most of the events could you give me some insight into which year of will likely provide the most Lucky Nuggets?

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Definitely Year Of The Carrat. If you make the racetrack long (mine was around 15-20 checkpoints) you will get massive amounts of nuggets per race. You just have to have your Carrat in top condition to win against Charlie's shadows, or friends that will share their nuggets. 

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As far as fun goes: Year of Carrat, As far as Simplicity: Year of Beefalo

But those are the only ones I’ve played, I missed Gobbler, Varg, Pig King..

Ive had the game since the day it launched but somehow missed these events- If I had to guess it’s because somewhere around that time the Shipwrecked DLC came out for Dont Starve Solo and instead of playing DST I spent ALL of my time with the newly released Shipwrecked.

I did still play DST, just very very seldom, theres That and: I was probably on some Mad Quest to complete the single player Adventures Mode.

My favorite by far is still Year of Carrat- the best pet the game has ever had. :wilson_love:

The upcoming QoL update is going to let me re-visit the content I missed so I’m looking forward to that.

(now if only they would make it so I can play Gorge and Forge content- the OTHER Events I missed.. that would be great. :wilson_wink:)

Actually: I did get to play Gorge but NOT Forge but anyway-

It is Important to note that depending on the CONSOLE You bought DST for- The game itself may not have actually even been released yet before these events happened.


Yes you see that right- Xbox didn’t get the game at all till September 13 2017.. 

Which Means the Year of Gobbler Event was never actually available For Xbox at All.

I can therefore only comment on the events I HAVE played- And for me Year of Beefalo is probably the easiest least time consuming-

But Year of Carrat was my absolute favorite. 

And I can’t wait for the QoL update that lets me visit events I missed out on.

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