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Annoying Beefalo Costume Bug - Constantly lose all unlocked costumes

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So when YotB first came out I got all the costumes unlocked pretty quickly. I've had them completely reset on me three times now though...

So randomly I'll go to tame/bond a beef and participate in competitions again (I generally kill or free my old bonded Beefalo after a few competitions) and when I go to dress him up I only have the single random free costume you get at the start of the event. I then have to use (thankfully I saved up all my costume scraps) my scraps to remake all the costumes - I've done this three times now and now have 4 of each Beefalo Doll as a result. I just logged in again today and once again all my Beefalo costumes are gone. Honestly not sure I'm going to bother making them again - I'll just try to win comps with a basic costume or will have to guess other Beefs to Win.

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