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  1. I am sending screenshots tomorrow, but I am 100% sure I didn't accidentally interacted with the anchor. I try to upload the videos on youtube tomorrow. It's a bit scary Edit: nvm the upload limit on comments is higher, so I am able to upload it here (I have 2 more videos, but these 3 should be enough) anchor-1.mp4 anchor-2.mp4 anchor-3.mp4 I don't know if you get updates from an edited post, therefore a hint for the videos on my edited comment. Thanks for looking after that bug
  2. Wasn't there a update with fences and bundling wrap blueprint for singleplayer dont starve, but only on PC?
  3. Unfortunately the quality of life update doesn't got released on console. It would also be nice to have hamlet on console
  4. Sometime while on a boat and while it or the steering wheel is focused / targeted, there appears a "Missing name" string on the screen. I have 2 videos for that, but each one ist bigger than the upload limit here. Mail me if you need them.
  5. Sometimes the anchor activates automatically. I have a couple of videos, but every file is bigger than the upload limit here. So mail me if you need them.
  6. I don't know if it was mentioned earlier, but using Weather Pain on a target locked enemy doesn't work, because "Use gadget" and "Unlock target" are using the same button. Maybe the whole mechanism should be work like a toggle (press L3 to activate it and press L3 again to deactivate it).
  7. Wait, you don't get hound waves in the ocean? When did they changed that?
  8. But that would be ps4 exclusive (touchpad). We want to fix pc exclusive "features" without establish another exclusive Apart from that I am with you - more features for the touchpad. It would be great to swipe [up, down, left, right] to activate an emote (which can changed in the settings). That would still be a ps4 exclusive but I think it's dispensable for the others compared to telepoof or geometric placement.
  9. If I remember it correctly L3 is used for target locking and I really like that feature. My idea would be something like a cursor icon in the inventory bar (next to the equipment slots). When you click on that icon you could entering world cursor mode and the icon changes into a controler icon, so you're able to switch between these modes. I think geometric placement could be activated when equipping a specific new tool that has infinite durability (a triangle ruler with a pencil or something like that).
  10. Thank you klei for the great console support in the past months. I am looking forward to see what you are creating
  11. I think something went wrong with the battle spear (wigfrids) skins. My already crafted battle spears turned into the nordic ones. It's the same in the crafting menu.
  12. It's not showing up in the shop for me.
  13. I managed to create multiple worlds with an additional cave instead of a forest, by using custom presets. two-caves.mp4: me switching between two caves via staircase whole-process.mp4: the steps to reproduce (sry for not removing the loading screens) generated-world-forest.jpg: the forest world generation screen two-caves.mp4 whole-process.mp4
  14. The "Send Invitation"-option doesn't work. If you select this options nothing happens and the menu disappears. I think before the last update it worked very well.