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  1. I cannot afford DST

    I still have a free copy to spare, so PM me if you haven't found anything.
  2. PSN ID Change

    I changed my ID too. Everything is fine with my worlds and skins
  3. No new purchase options

    Yes, I don't have login issues.
  4. No new purchase options

    I can confirm. It's live. I just bought Wortox a few minutes ago
  5. We will not have wortox today

    I didn't talk to a specific person. My post was just a expression of my feelings about this whole situation. I can understand what you all mean, but I don't agree with everything and that's fine. I don't want to discuss this, because everyone has a different opinion about this. I hope wortox comes to PS4 soon and you guys can enjoy him
  6. We will not have wortox today

    Sry guys, but I really can't understand this "whining"-thread. They told us that the update is in cert at sony and they expect it to be released today or next week. Yes, they don't announced it in the PS4 forum. Yes, they put an announcement in the animated short ... but is this such a big thing? I mean with previous console updates in mind, I never would expect a day one update for consoles and would prepare myself for a little delay. I think with every update / cert at sony they will learn a few more things to get this "day one console updates"-schedule running. And I think the playerbase also should learn from every update and shouldn't "riot" everytime something doesn't worked as planned - that's not fair. But it's just my opinion ...
  7. Console: Option to see Boss/Mob Health

    The uncertainty of the bosses health during a fight is something I really love about the game. A health bar would change some of my previous decisions in some cases. For example: 1) I was very unprepared when I first tried to beat klaus. I didn't know how much damage I already caused and I was out of healing options. I had to decide. Take a risk and continue the fight or run. I decided to play safe and escaped from him. I didn't know he was near death at this point. With a health bar I would know how much health is left and that would have influenced my decision. In that case I would continue the fight and tank him to death. 2) A similiar situation as before, but with deerclops (my first fight as wendy). Again, I had to decide. Fight or run. I decided to fight, because I got that "just one more hit and he's down"-feeling. And I was right, two hits later I won. But it was very close and I would have died if he had more health left. A health bar would destroy that thrill at the end of the fight. I really like that you have to keep track of the bosses health on your own and develop a kind of "feeling" for that.
  8. Lock-On Target feature

    Currently there is no option to disable it, but maybe in the future:
  9. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    I tried it when the code section was still there (4-6 months ago), it already doesn't worked at this point.
  10. Dynamic content?

    2h ago everything worked well, but now I get this error too. I was about to finish my session and got back to the title screen. After that I got stuck in the loading screen. I tried to restart the game and re-enable it for several times now, but it's not working. I also tried to click "I understand" first and then login/out again to click "re-enable". Does not change anything, it still loads indefinetly.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Just leave that here ...
  12. I switch very often between handeld and docked mode and noticed that it would be great to have different "hud size"-options for these modes. It's annoying to adjust the size everytime I change from handeld to docked and vice versa.
  13. On Base Islands

    I usally base on a relatively small island which has a decent variety of resources. For me small islands are good in the beginning, because I can reach all resources easily and don't have to ship around a huge landmass if I return to my base from a different direction. If it's a longterm island I pay attention to have sand piles, crabbit dens and limpet stones on it, because it looks better once I turned the whole island to a megabase.
  14. The "Send Invitation"-option doesn't work. If you select this options nothing happens and the menu disappears. I think before the last update it worked very well.
  15. Unfortunately skins aren't shared / transfered between PC and PS4. If you want to start playing on PS4 you have to earn these skins again :/