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  1. In my case: everything was fine in between the updates, but I don't change the outfits often. So It might be possible that the costumes where already gone before the update. I will keep an eye open for now.
  2. I have a world near 2000 days with an oasis megabase, but I am playing almost everytime solo. Sometimes my brother joins my world and we never experienced an unplayable lag. But I kept @NSAiswatchingus tips in mind and spread my builds. Maybe it could help you too? I think he mentioned somewhere that an empty biome (no trees, turf, ...) could reduce the lag - I can't find the thread.
  3. The costumes have disappeared again. It's the same situation like a few days ago: Unlocked all costumes and everything was fine Didn't played for a couple of days Returned to the game on the weekend Costumes disappeared (and a completely different costume is initially unlocked) But this time I didn't unlocked the costumes again and left everything untouched. So it's more likely you can investigate what's happening? (I attached a video, showing only a single costume is unlocked) costumes.mp4
  4. I thought smoldering doesn't happen in the oasis desert, but in the past weeks I had some situations where a flower or a birchnut tree began to smolder and the only way this could happen would be summer smoldering (there was no fire or dwarf star around and I am the only player in this world). The only thing I could think of, is that it always happend near the edge to the ocean water. I have a small ocean water spot in the desert, where the sandstorm stops if you're very close to the water (no, I don't mean the oasis lake). Could this cause the smoldering? I am playing on console (PS4), so no mods are enabled. I have a screenshot of the latest smoldering situation in my small bee zone near the ocean. The sandstorm stops here too, When you're very close to the ocean.
  5. It's still fine, but I forgot I saved a video. I am too lazy to trim the video, so here is a screenshot of the moment I realized the costumes are gone:
  6. When I lost the costumes, I could see every icon on the screen but only the icons of the "Festive Costume" were "highlighted" / not shaded (it looked like something in the curio cabinet wardrobe that isn't unlocked). I was able to select and preview the costumes, but when I confirmed the selection it wasn't applied on my beefalo. I just checked it and everything is still fine. Klei ID: KU_GWmhv1Ss
  7. I played the YOTB-event last friday (before the bugfix update) and unlocked almost every befaloo costume. Yesterday I played again and wanted to change the costume, but only a single one was unlocked - even the costume my beefalo was wearing at this moment was locked. The unlocked costume wasn't the initial costume I had on friday: Friday: Dolled-Up Costume Sunday: Festive Costume (I unlocked all costumes again, if something happens, I will give an update.)
  8. That's some great news, thank you for that. Singleplayer (especially Hamlet and Shipwrecked) is indeed in a bad condition on console right now, so optimizations will be appreciated
  9. I think you can still see the codes on (when logged in with your steam account). But I tried to use the codes in the redeem section a few months ago and it didn't work. So we can't get these skins right now :/
  10. If I remember the puzzle correctly, you can do it in any world? So I can let you join my world and bring you to the chest. If you want to try it, send me a message with the needed items and your psn name
  11. Is there any way to "farm" leafy berry bushes reliable? I know the portal can spawn bushes but are they only normal ones or can they be leafy?
  12. You're right, I totally forgot that. The game "dying light" pauses the game, when everyone is in the menu. Something like that would be great. Are you sure about that? The last time I adopted the moon moth it was always in my way during a fight. Maybe it's only a problem for console / playing with controller?
  13. First thank you klei for this awesome console support in the last year. You guys delivered just fine and I am excited about what's coming next. --- I am playing DST since its release on console (PS4). In that time a lot has changed and some things got better for us console players (target locking, general updates). But there are still some things I would like to see in the future to improve the experience. I think almost everything of this has already been suggested, but it might be getting implemented if more and more are people requesting these changes. So here are my suggestions / wishes for DST (ordered by personal priority): Geometric Placement Could be activated when a specific item (with infinite durability and craftable without science machine) is held by the player. Placing objects while item is equipped, activates geometric placement. Creative Mode Practicing boss fights or experimenting with decorations is time consuming on console. It would be great to have a "creative"-playstyle option when creating a new world. This playstile would allow us to toggle specific console commands (c_supergodmode, c_freecrafting, LongUpdate, ...) via pause menu: "Activate Godmode" "Activate Freecrafting" "Skip to [dawn|dusk|night]" "Skip 1 day" "Skip season" "Reveal map" ... Of course trophies / achievements would be disabled in creative worlds (PS4/5). "Islands" World Generation With the great sailing mechanism I would like to experience a shipwrecked like adventure with many islands. A world generation option for generating islands for each biom would absolutely awesome for me. For a secure start, each player could spawn with a boat and an oar in the inventory (on first time spawn). This could be deactivated in world generation settings. But of course caves and wormholes exist, so maybe it's not neccessary. Critters Targeting priority Critters are a nice addition to the game and I would adopt them more often if they wouldn't be annoying during fights (targeting). Maybe reduce the targeting priority for the critters when a weapon is held by the player or an enemy is nearby. Sounds Some of their sounds are annoying. A option to turn off this sounds would be nice. Stationary Cookbook / Cookbook-Stand I really like the cookbook, but it would be nice to have a structure, where we can place the cookbook and just "click" on it to read the book. Beefalo Domestication I am not sure about this, because year of the beefalo is in sight, but I wish the process would be more transparent. I have some ideas, but I will wait with that until the upcoming event arrived. Skins Moon / Crystal Chest: I would like to see more variants of chest skins (different skins help to remember what's inside without using signs) Accessibility Add a option to switch the analog sticks Add a toggle for optional warning icons for upcoming attacks - deerclops, hounds, worms etc. (because if you're deaf it's easy to miss the hints from the player when on map) PS4/5 Activating emotes on console is a bit to "complicated". It would be nice if we could assign emotes to specific touch gestures on the touchpad (swipe up to trigger the assigned emote).