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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Just leave that here ...
  2. I switch very often between handeld and docked mode and noticed that it would be great to have different "hud size"-options for these modes. It's annoying to adjust the size everytime I change from handeld to docked and vice versa.
  3. On Base Islands

    I usally base on a relatively small island which has a decent variety of resources. For me small islands are good in the beginning, because I can reach all resources easily and don't have to ship around a huge landmass if I return to my base from a different direction. If it's a longterm island I pay attention to have sand piles, crabbit dens and limpet stones on it, because it looks better once I turned the whole island to a megabase.
  4. The "Send Invitation"-option doesn't work. If you select this options nothing happens and the menu disappears. I think before the last update it worked very well.
  5. Unfortunately skins aren't shared / transfered between PC and PS4. If you want to start playing on PS4 you have to earn these skins again :/
  6. I started to build a megabase in the antlion desert and marked his spawn with special turf in the last summer. But I forgot to measure the size of the "battlefield" during the fight xD I can't use console commands because I play on PS4. The summer ended a few days ago and I don't want to stop basebuilding because of my mistake (he spawns in a critical place where I planned to build something). Does someone know the size of his "battlefield" - measured in pitchfork tiles?
  7. Does anyone fight Goose with the targeting system? I did it a while ago and if he does that "knock your weapon out of your hand"-move the target system maybe should unlock him, to allow you to pickup your weapon again (if you get "hit" by that move). In that situation I forgot to unlock Goose and instantly went to my weapon ... and got in trouble while try to pickup my weapon xD I'm not sure about this, because preperated players may switch to a second weapon from their inventory and unlocking Goose would be annoying for them. In the other hand targeting Goose again isn't that hard.
  8. What do you don't like about that? I really like the possibility to focus a target and it helps me alot in certain situations.
  9. Everytime the Nintendo Switch is pushed to its limits and the framerate drops my map got weird visual issues. In most cases this results in a crash. I once tried to save and restart the game as I noticed the "map visuals", but the game crashed during saving. This bug makes monsoon season nearly unplayable because the constant rain and the puddles always cause framerate drops and let the game crash. I have to stay in my base during monsoon season to avoid these crashes. I added 2 videos, to show you how this looks (both during monsoon season): day-52.mp4 day-128.mp4
  10. I killed quacken and got a Volcano Staff with a durability of 115% (Playing on Nintendo Switch)
  11. I recently based inside the volcano during dry season and forgot something in base, so I went out and got a weird bug. The clock inside and outside the volcano shows different days and the paused popup shows an additional (different) day. This problem still occurs after restarting the world. Outside Volcano: 132 Inside Volcano: 134 Paused Popup: 137 (that should be the "true" day) It's not game breaking but now I can't trust the clock anymore and have to check the paused popup (to know how many days until next season). --- (Playing on Nintendo Switch)
  12. Shadow creature teleport into sea

    Are you sure about "Version: Console"? That screenshot looks like a modded pc version.
  13. How to disable Crocodogs in Shipwrecked?

    "Crocodogs" set to "None" should disable them completely (that's what I would excpect to happen). I assume it's a bug
  14. I'am currently playing shipwrecked alot and totally enjoy it so far. But almost everytime I leave the volcano the game crashes. The world loads up on where the game crashed, nothing is lost and everything is fine, but it's a little bit annoying. I'am wondering what's the best way to deal with dry season / volcano to avoid game crashes? Are there any things I shouldn't do / bring to the volcano or is this type of crash a common issue in shipwrecked? (Playing on Nintendo Switch)
  15. The glow effect from eating rainbow jellyfish disappears on entering the volcano (the character doesn't emit light anymore). If you leave the volcano, the glow returns.