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  1. I get an instant crash when creating a hamlet world :/
  2. I have a similar issue. I get the daily skins, but the popup und unwrapping animation isn't always showing up. Maybe you got the skins, but no animation?
  3. So this refresh is useless for solo players? Sadly my friends don't play DST anymore :/
  4. I am sending screenshots tomorrow, but I am 100% sure I didn't accidentally interacted with the anchor. I try to upload the videos on youtube tomorrow. It's a bit scary Edit: nvm the upload limit on comments is higher, so I am able to upload it here (I have 2 more videos, but these 3 should be enough) anchor-1.mp4 anchor-2.mp4 anchor-3.mp4 I don't know if you get updates from an edited post, therefore a hint for the videos on my edited comment. Thanks for looking after that bug
  5. Sometime while on a boat and while it or the steering wheel is focused / targeted, there appears a "Missing name" string on the screen. I have 2 videos for that, but each one ist bigger than the upload limit here. Mail me if you need them.
  6. Sometimes the anchor activates automatically. I have a couple of videos, but every file is bigger than the upload limit here. So mail me if you need them.
  7. I don't know if it was mentioned earlier, but using Weather Pain on a target locked enemy doesn't work, because "Use gadget" and "Unlock target" are using the same button. Maybe the whole mechanism should be work like a toggle (press L3 to activate it and press L3 again to deactivate it).
  8. Thank you klei for the great console support in the past months. I am looking forward to see what you are creating
  9. I think something went wrong with the battle spear (wigfrids) skins. My already crafted battle spears turned into the nordic ones. It's the same in the crafting menu.
  10. It's not showing up in the shop for me.
  11. I managed to create multiple worlds with an additional cave instead of a forest, by using custom presets. two-caves.mp4: me switching between two caves via staircase whole-process.mp4: the steps to reproduce (sry for not removing the loading screens) generated-world-forest.jpg: the forest world generation screen two-caves.mp4 whole-process.mp4
  12. The "Send Invitation"-option doesn't work. If you select this options nothing happens and the menu disappears. I think before the last update it worked very well.
  13. Everytime the Nintendo Switch is pushed to its limits and the framerate drops my map got weird visual issues. In most cases this results in a crash. I once tried to save and restart the game as I noticed the "map visuals", but the game crashed during saving. This bug makes monsoon season nearly unplayable because the constant rain and the puddles always cause framerate drops and let the game crash. I have to stay in my base during monsoon season to avoid these crashes. I added 2 videos, to show you how this looks (both during monsoon season): day-52.mp4 day-128.mp4
  14. I killed quacken and got a Volcano Staff with a durability of 115% (Playing on Nintendo Switch)
  15. I recently based inside the volcano during dry season and forgot something in base, so I went out and got a weird bug. The clock inside and outside the volcano shows different days and the paused popup shows an additional (different) day. This problem still occurs after restarting the world. Outside Volcano: 132 Inside Volcano: 134 Paused Popup: 137 (that should be the "true" day) It's not game breaking but now I can't trust the clock anymore and have to check the paused popup (to know how many days until next season). --- (Playing on Nintendo Switch)
  16. Are you sure about "Version: Console"? That screenshot looks like a modded pc version.
  17. The glow effect from eating rainbow jellyfish disappears on entering the volcano (the character doesn't emit light anymore). If you leave the volcano, the glow returns.