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Wilson rework and other character gameplay

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It's funny how only Willson receive the forbidden knowledge yet literally every other characters, even a kid, a rock from the moon,.. know to craft the same things as Wilson, some even know more and can craft stuffs that Wilson doesn't know how to craft 

I think Wilson should have the ability to craft every other Character-Specific by examining that item first

this could be a good thing for future DLC character, prevent character design that has only unique perk is thier exclusive item (like Winona) 

how does it affect Winona and the future DLC characters?

if Wilson has that ability, Klei will have to give them unique gameplay mechanics

how does it affect Wigfrid?

I'm not really satisfied with Wigfrid's rework

as for now, her main thing is still an armor maker for the team, if you want to fight then Wolfgang is a better option

but the battle song does give a nice support role in the battle 

anyway, giving Wilson this ability meaning Klei need to rework her gameplay again I and think they should

she is an actress who wants to become a real warrior yet her fighting style (not gameplay) is the same as the other: kite or tank

my Idea was to give her a fighting style maybe skill like the forge depend on the armor, weapon, or the combination of both

with this, even if Wilson has an ability to craft the Battle Spear and Battle Helm, Only WIgfrid can use them to perform those special skills (also make the battle spear less useless in mid-game)

How does it affect Wilson and the lore

with this ability, Wilson can be a great support character for the new player

I won't trust new player being the healer during a boss fight, but if they can help by craft stuff for me while I'm fighting then ya welcome 

for example:

Wigfrid didn't bring enough rocks and she's fighting a giant boss, don't worry, Wilson can craft a brand new one and drop it there for her

Willow needs a new lighter because of...reason? :V and Wilson is sitting at the base fill with material, ya know what to do 

and the best part is, this ability won't affect the lore in the original single-player version, because in that game, he doesn't meet the other and doesn't have a chance to examine those items

the thing he can learn to craft (assuming Klei reworks other character gameplay like what I was talking about above)

Tent Roll (can be used)

willow lighter (can be used but can't cook food with it)

Battle Helm and spear (can be used but gain no special skill I talked above)

Battle Songs (can't be used)

all of Wicker book (can't be used)

ok, here is a fun fact, base on the other character quotes, they can read the book, they just can't use its magical power

all of Warly's item (can't be used except Chef Pouch)


everything in the Ectoherbology Tab

everything in the Engineering Tab

everything Wurt can craft except Mud Turf

everything Wormwood can craft except livinglog 

can't be used?

well, his ability is about learning the knowledge to craft, he still lack of skills to use some of them

that's why he can't use Warly stuff because he isn't a professional cherf, can craft's willow lighter but doesn't have the skill to cook food with it unlike Walter and Warly,....

that sounds OP? 

remember that he can only do this by examining those items first, meaning your server still need the other character to able to learn the crafting recipe 

What if the player exploits the moon idol to change the character to get the items for Wilson?

I mean if you willing to exploit the moon idol then it doesn't matter from the start, doing that just to get the other character item is the same as crafting those items first then switch to the other

the limit

he can't learn how to craft Codex Umbra, Living log, Mud Turf, Spider egg,... and personal stuff like Bernie, Abigail's flower. Lucy the Axe,....

some stuff he can craft but can't be used


I feel characters nowadays are less about gameplay perk and more about exclusive items perk and I kinda understand why

by giving the character cool exclusive items, you tend to forget outside of having those items, the character gameplay itself is kinda meh~ 

that's why people exploit the character switch mechanic

I know this won't stop people from exploit right away the character switch but it is a start.

it still depends on the future character rework though


What do you think?





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