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  1. The only thing Warly needs are for his spices to also affect friendly NPCs like Beefalo, pigs, and merms.
  2. STRONG vote for natural disasters that start showing up after the first year. Sometimes the Constant feels a bit too constant, and that can be boring.
  3. There were so many items in the old crafting menus it was hard for me to find things sometimes, even though I knew what I was looking for.
  4. If you say you are going to go fetch someone from spawn, or that you are bringing X resource back to base, make sure you are immediately doing it. It is easy to become distracted and often in the time it takes to help the new player, they could have done the thing themselves instead of waiting for you.
  5. When eating a food you have not discovered before, like honey ham, the stats and effect of that food should appear in the cookbook. If you eat an undiscovered food that has been seasoned by Warly, like a sweet honey ham, the entry for that food will not unlock in the cookbook.
  6. FYI, after clicking the "twitch hiatus" news box on the in-game main menu to open up the steam overlay, make sure to sign into the forum before clicking the link at the bottom of the forum post. Otherwise logging into the accounts.klei.com pop-up with steam will result in the same OpenID login flow error.
  7. Once you have 2 flint from spawn, make a pickaxe and go mine a rock. Taking all the flint makes it really hard for new players to get going.
  8. Catcoons attack butterflies, but do not eat the wings or the butter. Cage one in a field of flowers for some passive butter farming.
  9. It's like a zombie, this thread keep rising from the grave.
  10. The command to return a player to the character select screen is the same as deleting an entity. Simply hover your mouse over the player you wish to reset and enter: TheInput:GetWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove()‚Äč Note that this deletes all the items in the player's inventory and their research progression, just like starting a fresh character would.
  11. While some pessimism can be generated over agravating bugs, it is important to stay optemistic about the game as a whole. This is what OP is doing, I hope you understand.
  12. I can deffinitly see games of "Capture the Chester" becoming a thing. Even whole servers and maps dedicated to it.