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Thanks for the victorian skins

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I will criticize Klei when it comes to choices they make that I think are underwhelming or ones that I disagree with, but I have a habit of being quiet when it comes to things they do that I appreciate.

The victorian skins would have almost been the latter, but honestly, i think skins of this nature have been a long time coming and I'm glad they're here.
I dislike mega basing and hamlet was my first (legitimate) don't starve experience. City planning is a passion of mine in the context of dst building and I'm one step closer to truly achieving that.

The art team did the most tasteful job at these skins and if any sort of city planning takes place in future dst patches, the victorian designers are your guys. It's all just so neat and tidy, very pleasing to look at and a blast to build with.

Thanks for ending my small hiatus, thanks so much for these skins and I hope to see expansion on the victorian skinset because I'm putting money into it and I hope the big spenders follow suit.

Cheers Klei and papa tencent. 








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