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Questions regarding Rocketry Interest and cooking speed

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Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find answers anywhere.

What does the (+#) to rocketry skill do? There's no % attached to it, so I'm stuck wondering if I should recruit that +13 Rocketry dupe.

-Also- regarding cooking and metal refining: Does a higher skill lever reduce operating time? If so, then can I conclude that the oven uses less Nat. Gas and the Metal refinery produces less heat overall?

Researching does seem to use more resources depending on the dupe researching, so i'm confused.



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1 hour ago, Gunhaver said:

Metal refinery produces less heat overall?

It is actually the opposite. The whole batch of coolant is being transfered the same amount of energy regardless of how much time it takes to smelt it. But since duplicants smelt faster, the overall amount of heat produced per unit time is increased. However, you can use it to your advantage. Above 13 or so machinery, a steam turbine powered by a refinery is power positive.

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I was wondering about the Rocketry skill too so I ran a test. This is on live branch build 449549.

I started a new map with 3 dupes with different levels of rocketry skill.


I ran them on hamster wheels until they earned 1 skill point each. Then I built 3 identical rockets and launched them into orbit.


I sent them on a 1-tile flight. It took all 3 rockets 0.5 cycles to get there.


I then sent them on another 1-tile flight to watch them in the pod and see if the higher-skilled dupes would finish the "fly the rocket" task faster, but that didn't happen either - they all finished at the same time.

So if Rocketry skill points have an effect, I haven't found it yet. I’m guessing it will be hooked up in a future build.

Save game file from just before launch is attached if anyone else wants to experiment further.

Rocket Race.sav

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For the refinery question, indeed the heat generated for the COOLANT is the same, so the faster means more heat. But I believe the OP's question was about the heat generated by the refinery itself, which will be indeed lower proportional to how fast the duplicant finishes the job. Also the power consumption will be lower since it is constantly drawing 1200W only while a dupe is working. Overall heat will strongly depend on what you are refining since the coolant heat is defined by material and is way more relevant than the refinery's heat itself.

For the rocketry skill, I believe it changes how much time the pilot spend in the controls. Seems it generates a task from time to time and if the duplicant is high skilled he will finish it quickly and have more time to do other stuff inside the rocket like, for example, looking for another planets in the telescope. If there isn't much to do inside the rocket then there is no need to have a high skilled dupe in there.

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The operator task time is shortened, yes. The metal refinery will take less time to work a batch, in oher words.

Most skills will decrease the amount of time it takes to complete a task within that field, a few have additional perks such as seed drop, etc.

Cooking speed is is one of those nice to have early game speed bonuses, later on this is less important but still nice to have.

Cooking in a lighted area increases speed by 15%. This lighting bonus generally effects everything, so you can put a light over any manually operated machine and it will increase operator speed. With a few odd exceptions.

Research points are fixed to consumption of dirt, 40kg per point - it says as much on building. Advanced research is more of the same. This is somewhat disappointing, but for balance purposes, I suppose it should be like this.


I usually put a grill next to the printing pod and a research station on the other side - early game it gives the lit workspace bonus, production is increased.

Rocketry bonus is supposed to decrease flight time, but may instead be reducing the amount of time spent in the pilot's chair. Hopefully they correct this information or at least clarify what it should be doing.

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