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  1. solar panels keep working, but only during the day, and they cost 1 height space for only 60W
  2. at least they can still make a valid Great hall even if disabled. Would it be too much to ask for a power inlet that connects the interior with the exterior of the spacefarer module? The engine doesn't generate power while landed, and it's been hard to keep food not constantly rotting inside them. even better if we could connect to the entire rocket power net at its landing pad.
  3. Feedbacks: Is it really needed to measure gases in mcg? why not mg only? less than 1mg should be vacuum and it would make things more interesting.... Ok, I can't even imagine how many stuff would break by that change, but even so, please give it a thought. Also I believe it's way past the time to absorb pliers into the game code (even if it needs dupe labor and/or a new tier 3 skill to enable it). The mod developer is nowhere to be seen, and a new fixed version has been thankfully uploaded by someone else just to make it compatible again. The demolition skill is a great improvement. It's position in t3 is also well thought. Well done! New Ideas: Eletric wires could have a property to warm up according to the material it is made of (proportional to the power consumption in the circuit). Would make copper and cobalt (and other materials stated as "suitable for power systems" very desirable for wires. Very quick improvement: Could you make the ESC key exit the rocket interior view while it is landed? I keep hitting it everytime, seems the obvious way to exit that view. Can't wait for the next updates, please keep up the good work. Oops I found a bug: the pumps are still working even after their lead wires melted... I had already ordered their replacement for steel ones, but the vent surprised me. Guess the ghost steel wires kept the circuit connected, even though it is not graphically clear.
  4. that is happening since the first dlc version... not a new problem.
  5. Oh, I bet the element transition bug is what deleted all the sour gas in my oil biome because i leaked some water there which instantly became steam and started to condensate/evaporate in a loop.
  6. Well, now that we have a good use for the rocket cargo modules (solid, liquid, gas), the small engines became too small to be able to hold any of these, since you need power to make the new fittings work, a battery is a must add, but then you don't have room for anything else in the rocket. And also, the cargo modules being small sized just "feels" like they would be better used in the small engines. A balance change in the max modules is needed... Also, buried deep inside I kind of expect some kind of rocket walls alignment. Mixing big modules with small ones just feels... wrong. P.S.: the tooltip for the "Conveyor Loader Fitting" mentions gas instead of solids.
  7. Ohhhh I can't believe that! It was the most annoying bug for me so far. Nice! Keep up the good work! I wonder if we will have one or two new background music of the same astonishing quality in this DLC... I keep humming them all day long.
  8. I believe the Electrolyzer output temperature is intentional, but the desalinator one is indeed weird. I also believe it should have the same behaviour that salt water.
  9. You can also give a sweep command at the dock, and the dupes will remove the docked suits, if you have a sweep only storage available.
  10. Rocketry Icon is not greyed out even though i have not researched any rocketry science and thus have nothing to build in that menu.
  11. Also noticed that if the material does not melt before construction finished, it ends up exchanging heat twice, once when material is delivered, and once more after construction is finished, deleting a lot of heat. But maybe that is another bug.
  12. I have a pool of liquid niobium. When I try to build a niobium mesh tile into it (to have more molten niobium), just after finishing construction, the tile gets a "unreachable dig" state and seems to be not finished. Also, the tile itself show as being of 101kg instead of 100kg. Similar behaviour happens with tempshift plates, altough there is no "unreachable dig" state, mass becomes 801kg and it never finishes constructing.