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  1. Let me guess. This is bad game design and people will end up quitting their game because of this issue?
  2. when you stand next to the crow at the florid postern, you have a crafting menu where you can get the tree.
  3. What's funny is that Klei could easily be like almost every other game company and either charge for the content that they put out or just don't put out anything at all, yet they do, in a regular basis, add content and new stuff to the game, only to be trashed by posts like this complaining that the free stuff ain't good enough.
  4. Yes. That is a problem that ONI has, but to be fully honest, always had, even in the main game. There is little to do besides projects that we make just for the sake of making. There isn't a real endgame or anything to do after a few hundred cycles. Unless we set ourselves some challenges, there isn't nothing we actually NEED to do after we built a sustainable base. I wish KLEI would consider adding some sort of lategame objectives, or some timed challenges, etc. Something like : Build abandoned space stacion in X planet, something that would require a massive amount of lategame materials and dupe labor. Or something like asteroid hitting planets at X cycle, coupled with some nuclear rocket system that needed massive power or radbolt collection to work. I don't know. some more creative minds than mine could come up with something, for sure.
  5. I'm sorry but i don't see the point in this. Are you complaining that the UI is very small, when you opened every possible thing you could? If so, let me warn you that you can cramp it up a little more if you get discover more planetoids and you can hover the mouse over a big pile of debris, so you can make it even smaller than what it is.
  6. @Shosuko Resetting a world and deleting one are not the same thing at all... One of them can be reverted via rollbacks, the other one can't. Also, the revival options aren't all in the same place because they are not all a 1-click solution to revive. Also, if you build effigies but can't remember having them built, it's more on your end than the UI's fault. When you are near death and forget you have a heal you don't have a flashing healing button. Or when you are close to starvation you don't get a pop-up window reminding you that you have food to eat. Same thing goes for everything else. While i understand your point of view, OP's issue happened not because of the UI, but because he didn't even read what the button said before insta-clicking it. He also decided to play with no rollbacks enabled either. So even if the UI could be better implemented, i see this meltdown of a post as unnecessary and over the top for something that was A) his fault for not reading and B) his choice for not having any type of backup to prevent something like this. Sure we could have an effigy button on the box too, but in OP's case it would still be a 50/50 chance of messing up since he didn't even read what the only available button said anyway.
  7. That analogy doesn't make sense. Cars are meant to be the same across every brand/type. Games, on the other hand, each have their own rules/gimmicks and being a programmer doesn't make it so that your view of what's good or bad implemented is a standard for every game you play. And in this specific case it's easy to see how the problem isn't the "brain patterns" since almost everyone that answered here have not experienced the same problem you did. If you want to rely on patterns to cut on reading time, fine. But don't blame it on the developers when you mess up because you didn't bother to read before clicking. And even if it could be better implemented, and since you are a programmer yourself, how would you like people to give feedback on your work by telling you to "MOVE THE F%$&ING button" ?
  8. Let me see if i got this straight, you read 2 letters, assume that it says something and proceed to click it. It doesn't actually say what you thought it did, so it restarts the world. And your logical course of action is to come curse on the forums on how KLEI should do something about it? I can't even be sure if you are serious or just trolling with this. If you are actually serious, i suggest that, next time, in this game or any other game, you actually the damn words to prevent these kind of things from happening. Also, keeping backups are only "cheating" ( not really, but ok ) if you use them. You know what else they are good for? Crashes, bugs, accidents and people who don't like to read entire words.
  9. I thought about that, but i ruled it out because the 2 tiles below the liquid lock worked, so i assumed those should work too.
  10. Seriously, you guys do this on purpose right? everytime i tell myself i'm gonna take a couple of weeks off ONI, you release something that make me jump back in and restart a colony. Damn you KLEI !!!
  11. I have an idea, stay with me for this one, ok? How about letting everyone play the game their own way and cheese if they want? Not like it ruins your own game or anything. As far as i care, they can even spawn in the rewards instead of even killing the bosses that i don't care at all. Their game, their rules. Not everyone has the skill, time or will to commit to play however you deem it's "the right way". If they have fun, let it be.
  12. Yes. I had that too. I had to save and reload for it to appear on the rocket pad. appears to be a bug, i think.
  13. I started a BIG Terra Cluster and it turned out to be exactly what i thought it was. It feels i'm playing vanilla more than Spaced Out. I feel no need to find and fly to other planets anytime soon since i have everything i need on this cluster, so space feels kinda pointless until i want to go for "endgame" content. The Spaced Out Terra forces me to start exploring way sooner, since there are stuff i don't have home. So i have the need to resort to go back to early builds and structures more than once. I like Spaced Out Terra more, since i have to challenge myself more often, and have to adapt to the enviroment more than once. Big Terra feels "safer" since it's pretty much the same as i had before the DLC, with extra biomes.