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  1. For me, the printing pod feels like scratching off a lottery ticket once every 3 cycles. Most of the time there will be nothing good, occasionally I'll get a nice little bonus, once in a while I'll find something amazing. I don't dislike it, it's just kind of there. It's pretty rare for me to hit Reject All though - I only do that if the care package is something like a critter that will cause more trouble than it's worth. I also agree that I'm printing dupes less often in the DLC than I did in the base game. It feels like there's more potential for poor trait combinations. I've seen dupes with interest in cooking and a negative to the skill for it, lots of mismatches in digging/building bonuses/penalties, and dupes pre-trained in odd skills (art level 2?) with really bad negatives to offset.
  2. Nice work @Smithe37. I managed to land on the niobium planet and make it home alive today as well. I don't know if I'll try for a permanent colony though - I think my aim will be just enough to support round trips for resource extraction. The way I did it was
  3. Heh, I got bit by this one this morning, just before the patch dropped. Thanks for the fix!
  4. Duplicants will sometimes fulfill "Deliver Suit" requests by taking suits from other docks rather than from the ground. In the GIF below I have four suits sitting on the ground by the supply teleporter on the right. At the bottom left I click Deliver Suit on four docks. I unpause the game. Three dupes grab suits from the ground, but Mi-Ma yoinks a suit from the dock at the top.
  5. I saw this happen while playing with rocket designs and just had to screencap it.
  6. +1, I see this happen on the preview branch, build 443836:
  7. I've had the best luck wrangling slugs into a room big enough that they won't get the "Cramped" debuff, then just leaving them there rather than feeding or grooming them. I also keep a hamster wheel around in case of shortfalls. Yes, each individual slug's power output drops over time, but eventually it lays an egg to replace itself. By the time my power needs have outgrown them, I have access to electrolyzer hydrogen and solar panels. I think they're just fine as a transitional power source. If they were infinitely sustainable, there'd be no reason to move on to later tech.
  8. First off, I love this feature in general. I really appreciate the trapped dupe warning, and I like getting notified when dupes go idle in another colony. The problem I have with it is that my starter colony constantly has a yellow dot next to it, so I never actually notice when the idle notification shows up. That's because I have a couple hydroponic farm tiles set up to soak up excess water from my bathroom loop. These plants are intentionally not always getting watered, but they still trigger the "crops" diagnostic. At the same time, I don't want to turn off that diagnostic, because I want to know if I have a temperature problem in my farms. I've also had the Low Battery diagnostic trigger from batteries discovered in ruins, which has a similar effect. Could we have a "Disable Diagnostics" button on buildings, similar to Disable Autorepair and Disable Disinfect, that would exclude the building from diagnostic calculations?
  9. For what it's worth, I never built a solar panel before the alpha, because building all the infrastructure to protect it from meteors was un-fun and not worth it by the time I had the materials to actually do it. I can see the argument that it's a little too powerful now, but I think it's a lot closer to Just Right now than it was before. I hope meteor showers stay gone though - I always found them to be a headache. I think reducing the power per panel would be reasonable. Or maybe make it less than totally reliable. For example, maybe every few cycles there's an eclipse event that blocks sunlight. You'd need to either rely on backup generators or have enough power stored up to last through it. Maybe a dupe can predict these events using a telescope - that would provide a motivation to leave it up once the sky's been scouted.
  10. My colonies were humming away running on slugs, hydrogen, and solar when I noticed the Super Sustainable achievement was greyed out. I opened it and the box for "Never built a Coal Generator" had a red X, even though I never built a coal generator. I did find one one in some ruins though, and a dupe fed some coal to it before I noticed they were doing it. I'm not sure whether it was the discovery or burning coal that did it, but having a discovered building spoil an achievement didn't seem right to me. Maybe as a simple fix leave the coal generator disconnected in the ruins?
  11. I like this suggestion from the perspective of wanting to control who comes into the colony. On the other hand, I also like the idea of rolling the dice on a dupe as a little push outside my comfort zone. Maybe I get a flatulent or narcoleptic dupe and suddenly have to deal with something I never would have taken from the pod. If I don't want to take the risk, I can always leave the dupe frozen. Building on this idea - maybe defrosting the dupe reveals ruins or other areas of the map. Thematically, perhaps the frozen dupe knows something about the layout of the buildings nearby. This would "sweeten the pot" to open the cryotank early versus leaving it until later (or never).
  12. I like the idea of having multiple charges. After teleporting, I really wanted to send in a couple extra pairs of hands to help get the basics up and running quickly. The problem I see with using power to recharge is that if the amount of power required is realistic for an early-game build, it's going to be trivial for a late-game build. Which would make rockets obsolete. I would keep the recharge mechanic as it is but just have more charges available, with each charge on its own timer. So if you send 2 dupes on cycle 50 and 1 dupe on cycle 51, then you can send 2 more dupes on cycle 55 and 1 more dupe on cycle 56.
  13. Power shutoff isn't using the automation signal I give it. It has a player-controlled switch and uses that instead. EDIT: Actually wait. Looks like the automation signal is actually working, but it can be overridden by the manual switch. I don't remember that being there before, was it intended to be added?