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  1. Build EX1 56-449549, noticed this little animation glitch:
  2. Heh, I got bit by this one this morning, just before the patch dropped. Thanks for the fix!
  3. Duplicants will sometimes fulfill "Deliver Suit" requests by taking suits from other docks rather than from the ground. In the GIF below I have four suits sitting on the ground by the supply teleporter on the right. At the bottom left I click Deliver Suit on four docks. I unpause the game. Three dupes grab suits from the ground, but Mi-Ma yoinks a suit from the dock at the top.
  4. +1, I see this happen on the preview branch, build 443836:
  5. Power shutoff isn't using the automation signal I give it. It has a player-controlled switch and uses that instead. EDIT: Actually wait. Looks like the automation signal is actually working, but it can be overridden by the manual switch. I don't remember that being there before, was it intended to be added?