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suggestions to remake combact

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Dst has only kitting and hitting (mainly) .May be adding  dodging (like rolling,dashing ),shielding (plz add shields )  will be more viable than hitting a boss three minute straight.And add bosses new moves .


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Swipes with a proper hitbox. mini aoe. A dark sword or any kind of sword could behave like this

Anything caught in that range would get damaged.

Manual aiming for projectiles would be another cool thing instead of hold F.

Having this kind of behavior for attacks would be kinder to the play approach of clicking on enemies to attack since it's extremely difficult to do that at present.

And for pvp, it could make the mode actually valid to have mechanics such as this.

Block if implemented could be broken and rolls could be telegraphed enough so that if spammed, you're vulnerable to getting punished.

A big problem could be lag for pve and pvp. Even when hosting your own games, there is more input lag than in actual legitimate single player don't starve so the netcode would have to be redone to facilitate this kind of combat.

Right now, the way dst handles is how almost everyone is happy with, but I would love a don't starve spin off more centered on combat survival. They have the characters for it and the loyalty from the fans towards their favorite character.

Gotta beg papa tencent. having a solid pvp makes a game pretty timeless and it's certainly not something that will happen with dst.

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