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Cannot manually load solid oxydizer?

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With the large solid oxydizer rocket module, I'm continually getting the message that storage is unreachable, no matter where I build ladders.  

I can load it with an auto sweeper, but that invariably gets destroyed during launch, so I need to disassemble and rebuild with every launch.  

Am I missing something?  Are gantries coming back?

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3 hours ago, ThoonHulk said:

Am I missing something?  Are gantries coming back?

They would probably fix it at some point either putting gantries back or altering the point of oxidizer filling to reachable distance

For the time being I think this below should work (I haven't build it properly yet, I just tested it with debug so ... probably works?)



After building petroleum engine (or any other "Large" module), you can build a smaller module (small solid oxidizer tank is the cheapest I think) in order to build a ladder inside the background scaffold and build able to build a module above that.


After that you build your large oxidizer tank


Then you can either delete or swap (up-down) modules and the ladder stays in place.


Now it's reachable.


But you can't change-build module in place of small oxidizer tank because the ladder is in the way.... (after swapping up and down a couple of times it doesn't mind it but the first time is not allowing you to change-build any large module in place of it)





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