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Hey Grifters,

We're closing in on our update content. My hope is that pretty much everything is in place early next week, which gives us a solid week for balancing before we hit release on the update on the 28th.



  • Showing tooltips on the main overlay's graft icons
  • Tweak focussed card arrangement size and offset to be less obtrusive.
  • Remove tab binding for focus next/prev.
  • Showing focus/hover on graft slots everywhere
  • Add LT/RT mappings to toggle between decks and relationship screen while viewing them in controller mode.
  • Fixing a bug where activating a perk would make one of the buttons show up, despite being on gamepad mode
  • Positioning the Negotiation/Battle preview panel up or down based on the number of buttons on the current dialog
  • Only automatically restoring focus to the last selected person/boss/graft in the compendium after closing an info popup if in gamepad mode
  • Fixing the Negotiation/Battle preview panel's background overlay's color and fade animation


  • Added death loot, boon and bane for Seemli
  • Fixed crash caused by referencing the disrupt condition in grafts 
  • Fix idle not being played between hits in a multi-hit attack.  Only skip playing idle if the hit was dodged, to avoid aborting the dodge anim
  • Added basic combat behaviour for Seemli 
  • The "Not a Scratch" daily feat now requires you to be full health at the end of the challenge rather than never taking damage


  • Clean Slate now correctly removes arguments instead of destroying them
  • Added boons, banes and death loot for Mullifee
  • Renamed Stonewall to Refusal (to match its ID)
  • Fixed desc of the Subtle Setup card


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