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And Cards.

That's what you get today, Grifters.


  • Fixed desc of Smith's Compel card
  • Scorched now makes Burn decay by up to 2 stacks per turn instead of 1
  • Reduced Burn applied by Guns Blazing
  • Rebuild now correctly removes, not destroys, arguments
  • Moved Domineer to Rare and increased the Dominance cost to 3
  • Increased the damage buff on Level Playing Field to 3
  • Update card text on swig upgrades for consistency.
  • Slimy cards now deal damage to you when played
  • Reworked(buffed) meditation¬†
  • Fixed desc of Scorched
  • Fixed draw count on direct_hit_plus2
  • fixed typo in the desc of Bolster Shot


  • Slightly reduced the amount of burn applied by the automech boss (due to recent changes to burn)
  • Renamed "Snug" to "Shredmaw"
  • Whole bunch of untemped dialog


  • Adding an Achievements screen

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