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Evil butterflies?

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Would be neat if totally normal trees would periodically spawn them and then theyd either create a new evil flower if there r none around the tree or despawn into an evil flower. Their cycle could also be opposite to butterflies so they wake up at dusk and despawn at daybreak! 

Would give the totally normal trees a fun little perk besides just being free living logs. (i personally never chop them down because theyre so special)

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9 hours ago, franco116 said:

I'm not a English speaker but if a bee rest over 6 flowers they would create a new flowers depending in the flower they rest, if only touch evil flowers, create a new evil flower

Gesundheit. Currently bees only interaction with flower is that they can produce Honey after resting on two or three flowers/crops. It doesn't make sense to attach bees, which already have multiple unique drops, to flowers when butterflies already exist.

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