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"Solo" Spacefarer Nosecone allows multiple duplicants

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The research tree description for the Solo Spacefarer Nosecone says it "holds one Duplicant traveller".  Yet on my rocket with only an engine and a Solo Spacefarer Nosecone I am able to assign multiple crew members, and all of them get into the rocket and travel to the other planet upon launch.  Is this intended?  If so, what's the purpose of the Spacefarer Module that accommodates more duplicants?  I've used this little rocket to send multiple duplicants back and forth between planetoids several times now.


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It`s just called solo beacause you can hardly fit enough stuff for one dupe. But for short trips more of them can survive there.

The larger one allows you to put enough infrastructure for multiple dupes to survive multiple cycles inside of it. It`s almost a minibase. If you build a landing pad on a wild asteroid with no infrastructure they will have all they need inside the module until they establish tmeselves a proper base.

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