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  1. I encountered this also. Attached is a save from shortly before it occurred. When the rocket reached the orbit of "Goopiol" I first deployed cargo modules, then deployed the trailblazer module with Lindsay selected, then changed the destination of the rocket back to the home planetoid. When the module landed, both Lindsay and Abe ended up on Goopiol and the rocket was empty. The Darkest Hovel.sav
  2. Attaching a save file where this occurs. Upon loading the file there is a notification that "Moistora" has been discovered. The starmap does not show Moistora. Going to that planetoid by clicking it in the planetoid list reveals only a small section of the planetoid deep underground. The Darkest Hovel.sav
  3. I got a notification of a "planetoid detected". A new planetoid now appears in the list of discovered planetoids. However, the starmap does not show the planetoid and there is no reason it should have been detected yet. When I click to view that planetoid I see only a small section of that planetoid deep underground. This occurred while launching a rover for the first time to another planetoid that I did legitimately discover. I suspect that somehow revealing the surface of that new planetoid for the first time resulted in spillover, erroneously revealing part of another planetoid at the same time.
  4. A wild hatch was marked for wrangle, but before the wrangle could be completed the hatch burrowed into a cot. This cot was not new construction, nor were the tiles nearby; there have not been natural tiles or any new construction in this area for many cycles. Bubbles' worst fears are coming true: hatches in her bed!
  5. The description for "Chitinous" says 1 is removed whenever defense is broken. However, if the defense is broken as a result of Ricochet damage, no Chitinous is removed.
  6. Great work with the new resources tracker! I love that it shows mini-graphs of resources over time. However, one thing that I miss from the old style is that it no longer allows me to find resources by clicking on them in the list. For example, if I see that I have a new egg I used to be able to click that in the list and it would take me there on the map so that I can deal with it. Now, clicking does nothing so I have to search all over the place to find that egg. If you could bring back that ability to find items by clicking their name in the list while keeping the rest of the new functionality, that would be awesome.
  7. This can be exploited to get free steel. Make a nosecone, build tiles of some cheap material like sandstone over the nosecone walls, and then you can sweep up the steel and use it elsewhere.
  8. It's filtering to show only the stats that are relevant to the specific room type. For a miscellaneous room the critters could be relevant if you want to make it a stable and plants could be relevant if you want to make it a park, so it shows both. Once you make a room like the Great Hall that doesn't depend on those stats it doesn't show them anymore. It continues to show critters (but not plants) on the stable, because it's relevant to the room type. I like this behavior. Tooltips for some rooms like the Great Hall can get lengthy with a row for each table assignment, so pruning details that aren't relevant to the room type helps keep it manageable.
  9. I thought this might be because the station reduces air pressure around it, causing heat dissipation from the building to the environment to slow, like how powered buildings in the vacuum of space heat up. After building a new one and watching it I don't think that explains the temperature rise. Temperature was already rising fast (about a degree per second) while the surrounding air had >2kg pressure. Pressure in the area did rapidly decrease as the mask station sucked 40kg of gas into itself, but the area still had ~200g pressure while the building temperature was already 75, only a minute or two after being built.
  10. I encountered this also. The oxygen mask station was built less than 3 cycles ago in a moderate-temperature area. It has already heated up beyond its overheat temperature. I have not yet set any element filters; I don't know if that affects this.
  11. I sometimes get alerts that a duplicant is starving even though they have food available. The alert is happens when a duplicant's fullness drops below 1000, which is the same behavior as in the base game. The problem seems to be that duplicants are not prioritizing eating as highly as they used to, resulting in their fullness dropping below 1000 and generating excessive "starving" alerts. If I ignore the alert, the duplicant will go get food and eat it and the alert goes away.
  12. Not a bug per se, but a suggested UI enhancement. The new preset filters on the research page are handy. I filtered for Rockets to help me see which rocket-related technologies I still needed to research. Some items in the filtered list were greyed out while others were white. I expected this formatting to be an indication of which technologies I could research next, or had already completed, or didn't have prerequisites for. That would have been helpful. Instead it was simply an indication of which items literally contained the word "rocket" in the name, which wasn't helpful when deciding what I could research next.
  13. I encountered the same with cooking (electric grill usage). The icon went away when I exited and reloaded the save.