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Lyrics of Song "Don’t Starve Tales_ Inevitable"

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{Music, art and characters by klei, rewritten in this form by "Grim, the" on the klei forums}
Once upon a time, several strangers were stranded in a land lethal, loathsome, and large.
None got along, but the one thing they agreed upon was the most basic of edicts- don't starve.
Willow stop wasting time, the sun will go down and then we're left behind!
Wilson I'm tried there's no wood for fire there's no way these twigs will meet what's required!
I know how you think, you're up to some trick! We stick with theses sticks!
That grove of wood right there is lush and thick!
Listen, [insert willow ugh here] it bears bears repeating! Collect the tinder where there's no danger that thinking is off limits! Don't push our luck! We're sitting ducks! The skyline's dusky, the shadows hungry, the camp depends on you and me, you ask the impossible, let's get back to the inevitable!
Yeah like what? Tracking lethal spiders for their meat, making thermal stones for heat, we stash out goods in monster maws, scarecrows might as well be dolls, it's a wonder we survive at all!
On the horizon, the moon is rising, 
[everyone {except maxwell}]
the night is creeeeeping eeeeever neeeaaarer
The camp is waiting, for our kindling, to light us 
[everyone except max]
thouuugh our feeeeaars
Maybe Willow's right, can we survive another night? Here we do what no one won't but who must starve so that we don't?
*stomping noises*
I've got some lumber!
I've got to wonder!
Now let's get back!
Where'd you get that!?!
Please don't ask and I won't tell, the camp brings out the curfew bell!
What's that sound!
it shakes the ground!
The gates will close if we don't go!
It's too late, our way is barred! 
Did you steal from a treegaurd!?!
Meh, it was inevitable.


hope this helps

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