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Unwrap the Winter Update [Game Update] - 445009


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Challenging new trials and a new collaboration map featuring the Mount Vile Gauntlet Trial.


Cooler weather means cooler features with Hot Lava’s new Winter Update! Along with the standard bug fixes and optimizations, we’ve added some sensational seasonal fun.



The first Jen Forcer’s Tactical Training Update delivers Snowstorm camo skins for each of the four G.A.T. characters. Check out the skins in the customize menu of your toy selection screen. If you look closely you may be able to see some seasonal decorations laying around to keep things festive in this frosty season.




Straight out of everyone’s favorite Hot Lava cartoon it’s G.A.T. HQ! 


Featuring three new courses, including the “MOUNT VILE GAUNTLET TRIAL!!!” Prove yourself worthy to take on Lord Sludge’s trail of terror complete with swinging axes, hidden spikes, and (of course) a room full of lava. Complete all the trials to unlock some exclusive items and collect all the cards to gain a whole new follower: Cyborca!






For those seeking new challenges, we’ve also added ‘Chase’ trials in Playground and Wholesale and an all new grueling ‘All Course Marathon’ to Master Class. Test your skills and challenge your friends to beat your time.  


We’ve also made some improvements to the first time user experience with a polished up UI and a trimmed down intro, based on feedback we’ve gotten from users. Keep sending us feedback - we’re always super keen to hear what you guys have to say!


Everyone here at Hot Lava wishes you a happy holiday season and reminds you to stay cool, stay safe, and stay off the floor!



Detailed Patch Notes - 444967

  • Jen Forcer’s Tactical Training Update: New map GAT HQ along with higher rank and rewards
  • Jen Forcer’s Tactical Training Update: New Snowstorm skins for GAT characters
  • New Chase the Grade trials added to Playground and Wholesale
  • New All Course Marathon trial added to Master Class
  • Sue now runs alongside the player in Intro
  • Hid timer on first-time completion of courses
  • Added crouch jump animation
  • New character level up sound
  • Fixed animation issues on non spinnable climbs
  • Fixed online character animation issues with Poizone and Sludge
  • Fixed XP exploit in Chase your Sister courses
  • Fixed weirdness when mapping buttons to gamepad triggers
  • Fixed overlapping text on language select screen (esp. in Portuguese)
  • Fixed selecting radicaldino_saxraptor gives you radicaldino_plesiosaur instead
  • Fixed issues causing leaderboard times to appear as retired when they were not
  • Fixed issue where mouse could cause gamepad to lose focus in main menu
  • Fixed text not appearing in Pinny’s dialogue boxes


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