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fold in certain mods (mostly UI related)

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There are a couple quality of life mods Klei should consider folding into the dlc and base game (potentially pay these mod makers?) .  These are the few I find greatly increase my enjoyment of the game, that don't actually effect building solutions very much:

* sweep by type

* expanded menu

* Geyser Calculated Average Output Tooltip

* prioritize everything

* speed control

* d flip-flop

* show building ranges

* longer bridges

* Thermal isolation door - ok, this does effect how a solution gets built, but the price for doing this normally with 3 doors and a slew of circuitry is a bit crazy.

Klei has already done a good job at folding in some of the most useful mods (notifications for example), but could go further.

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20 hours ago, Yunru said:

Bah! You mention this easily buildable gate, and not the currently-impossible Tiny Doors?


But no actually D-FF is just space convenient. What I REALLY want is an IC I can script with something like Python. But that seems like a bit of dream :D


On 12/13/2020 at 8:35 PM, Galifrey1965 said:

Pliers and real airlock would be good!

Pliers, where have you been my whole life.

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