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  1. just noticed I could look at and apply digs to areas covered by the black fog, when a yellow alert is going, at the edges where the yellow overlay is. Presumably red alert too. Confirmed no sight when not in alerts.
  2. since supplies are limited, and you get 100% of a building back when you deconstruct it, I REALLY want to be able to disable autorepair en-mass, or default it backwards. This could be a tool that you can paint across the map like 'sweep'. Alt, add a way to make raw metal renewable, and then make deconstructing damaged buildings give back less. Then you loose not just dupe time but materials, to damage, but can find a way to replenish later.
  3. I find what's in game right now to be serviceable. I'd like a 'next world' key over a 'this world' key, but otherwise seems fine.
  4. Just adding my voice here. I super like what they have so far in the core concept of 'many small cooperative bases'. Design iterations must obviously be spent to keep ratcheting the tension of having such a core designs - make the colonies less sustainable without getting space trade up and running, Keep tweaking how the player gets to the space race so you're encouraging a super jury rigged expedition super early, and then, like the rest of the game, unlock structures and supply chains that make the situation more reliable and more efficient. I think the key to making the cooperative part enticing and difficult is being unable to reach full/efficient sustainability without discovery and trade off planet. For instance, maybe you want to not put water geysers on the home planet, or maybe the same but with oil. Additionally, I REALLY like the statement that Klei wants to lean into getting to space early, and should lean in further if they want to make the 'success' path particularly fraught. For instance maybe the first time you send a dup off to get your 3rd planet it's basically a chair on a rocket with a fishbowl air helmet - you're sending them close and one way. But then you still need to get both colonies up and running, and get down the tech-tree, because renewable water will need to be shipped around, and renewable oil will too... ect, ect Just as a data point, I'm out there exploring asteroids anyway cause I want to get more of the complex resource, and I want to see what's out there in the rest of the Alpha Besides which I just happened to have lucked into no fiber source on my homeworlds on the first run. Good job Klei! Excited to see where the dlc goes!
  5. I like this idea quite alot. maybe tweak day/night on the various asteroids? Like no asteroids on the inner bases, but long nights, so the free power isn't game breaking. I absolutely think they should lean as far into 'cooperative early asteroids' as possible, so there is a tension between getting off planet, and a safe surface.
  6. Petro -> sour gas -> sulfur is indeed what I was referencing in the post. Game balance wise it might make sense to need to cycle back late game for the infinite sucrose machine. I still think it's central enough to the dlc amt, that adding it as a byproduct to other suply chains may make sense.
  7. I may need to do some experimenting with mini-pumps. I completely wrote them off given the power and rate on the tin. Might be the way to go for airlocks...
  8. lol But no actually D-FF is just space convenient. What I REALLY want is an IC I can script with something like Python. But that seems like a bit of dream Pliers, where have you been my whole life.
  9. Yup. That seems likely and I will cry when everything gets smashed But either way it IS currently a game balance issue.
  10. well sure, but that feels like cheating. Besides which the bigger issue is when I'm iteratively working through a design and may need to re-vacuum when things go wrong this was maybe intended for my other topic?
  11. This is all rather new, but 7 hexes on co2 in half a day was ALOT faster of a journey than expected. I could see this also being something like hexes further out from the center of the map cost more to traverse. Might also be good to have planet you can see, but not teleport to, at mission start to incentive early space races.
  12. I have a ship that was intended for a 1 way trip. It's now in orbit for ever, whereas I would have rather crashed it into the planet, or initiated self destruct. I was able to chart the course to the destination, and know I would make it, but since I can change courses mid flight, I feel like some understanding of the ships fuel levels, in hexes would be handy.
  13. This element seems core to the new dlc content, but it feels like there should be a vent for the stuff, or a way to make hatches make it? atm, I'm looking at it as 'just top get the base started', and assuming I run dry later. Petro boiling is A way to make it, but that seems severely late game, and I'm not even sure I can setup a petroleum + volcano boiler of the past. On the other hand, the amounts I've seen so far will take me well past early times, so maybe it's ok to make infinite sucrose a later game concern?
  14. Without the risk of asteroids, I have the incentive to just us solar cells for my main power source on all of my asteroids. I'm sure this is somewhat temporary, but with the dlc at the moment, I'm not finding myself economizing power usage. Obviously, I can't run massive power costs projects, as my budget is still maxed by the map width, but I'm still finding myself interested in projects like continually circulating allair through the full base because 'hey, power's free'.
  15. The less gas in a chamber, the less efficient the gas pump becomes. The asymptotic decay from a few grams on every square to vacuum takes forever (kg -> g, g -> mg, mg -> mcg, mcg -> vacuum) depending on size of room, this can be 10s of cycles. this also makes the energy price of the gas pump really hurt. Raising the tolerance at which the room snaps over to vacuum, or changing the decay rate of the 'sucking power' of the pump, would allow for less 'ok now I need ignore this room till vacuum again' time. This would also make using actual airlocks, over waterlocks, more viable, for those of us that find some of the 'physics sim hack' solutions annoying.