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Little Confused About Beta

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I didn't played beta carefully but just saw few things. I don't say update was bad, It was awasome and just recreated the damn farm system. Now farming is really nice and interesting. But i confused about few things.
-As we know the silhouette was named Fee Fa Foo, and most of us started to think it's gonna be about giants but there is nothing about giants. Silhouette was a fruit picture, not bean.
-Also Wolfgang holding a giant golden egg (?) but didn't saw anything about that too.
Is this bc the update is new, are we gonna get more updates to this beta?

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1 minute ago, Slagger said:

Get interesting or start to become about giants?

Because I'm sure about first one.

id dunno man, I just like critters with a hierarchy or similar system which features multiple types of the same species

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1 minute ago, minespatch said:

The gifs Instant noodle posted had "minion" in the name. I'm guessing we haven't seen the real lord of the fruit flies yet.

With that title, I'm hyped for what kind of enemy it could be.

I have, it a bit smaller than a beefalo. It spawns fruit flies if you attack it, and by himself too, to ruin the mood of plants. Currently, he only drops a Leafy Meat

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