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Summoning rain via the Old Bell

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I've been really looking forward to getting some reasonably priced way to create rain during summer as a way to prevent wildfires.

And it occurred to me that Glommer's currently unused drops would be a great opportunity for this.

Thematically, the moon is connected to the tides and Glommer is connected to the moon, so there could be a "New Bell" you can craft at the Celestial Altar using 1x Glommer Flower and 1x Glommer Wings. (Same recipe as the Old Bell.)

The New Bell would have 3 uses, with each use creating rain for 1.5-2 days, or something like that. Given that you can only get 1 every 20 days and there's 70 days in a year, that would be enough to get a wildfire free summer *and* maybe spice up a fight or two per year with that sweet electric damage bonus.

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