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Week days mod?

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6 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

As of now, there are no days or weeks, only cycles.

Sure, this is why I am asking for a mod. For the vanilla game this wouldn't be hard to make a counter and decide each day which schedule to use based on the current value of the counter.

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I guess you never made a mod for a game before... its not simple at all. First you have to make the game to count cycles. While that would be not that hard by itself, nothing is gained by this itself. Then you have to overwrite the whole system of scheduling for link to this new cycle count. 

I dont say its undoable at all. But its not that simple. And because you would messing around with basic code for this, you can expect all kinds of wierd bugs in the process. 

All i say is, dont expect to get your wish fulfilled in the next day or so. If someone tries to make such a mod, it will take much longer.

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