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Don't Starve Together Patch 1.94 - 11/02/2020 (PlayStation 4)

  • Walls and Fences can be placed on the very edge of the world.
  • Astral Detector is now workable.
  • Adjusted audio for Astral Detector.
  • Fixed worlds that ended up having the Crabby Hermit's island be affected by enlightenment due to a retrofitting bug.
  • Fixed attack cooldowns getting improperly reset when getting hit while attacking something.
  • Fixed some crashes with Crabking.
  • Fixed Crabking's health being inaccurate after reloading.
  • Fixed Dark Swords playing the wrong sound.
  • Fixed another retrofitting crash that would occur if you lacked space to retrofit astral markers.
  • Fixed pathfinding for retrofitted areas in cave worlds.
  • Fixed Lunar Spore being triggered by nightmare creatures.
  • Fixed enlightenment area on the lunar island.
  • Fixed not being able to use Vampire Batling skin.
  • Fix head texture bug with Wurt's Little Sinker skin.
  • Fixed missing face symbols on Wigfrid's cough animation.
  • Fixed texture bugs with the Chatty Hatty.

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