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Hey Grifters,

We're doing lots of testing and balancing right now, and we're trying out some pretty big changes to Smith's campaign days. I'm really curious to hear balance and pacing feedback over the weekend - we'll be cementing a lot of this stuff on Monday.

Happy Smithoween!


  • Shorten smith day 1 and 2 by one quest - the quests are longer than other characters' quests, so the days are too long with two 'jobs' per day. This should increase the overall difficulty, because you will have fewer card picks before the boss fights.
  • Fix location problem with oppo_friend_in_trouble
  • Give the suitor plot armour before the actual marriage during smith day 2
  • Add oppos to smith's first two days (I guess we forgot to turn these on?)
  • Rework structure of render_unto_hesh convo to avoid weird convo restart
  • Make the merchant help you in the negotiation in three's a party
  • fix progression blocker in smith day 1 / 2 if you fail the first job given by your questgiver
  • Fix some sequencing in bounced out
  • fix seq break in great lumin heist
  • Fix party store map destination (You have to go through the front room)
  • Add Plocka to the party store back room


  • fix for robot talking (steven!)
  • fix brut and eonwe's titles
  • "meet" characters who join a fight outside of conversation, for compendium accounting purposes


  • Moved Renown's decay to the start of your turn rather than the end of it. This solves the issue of enemies targeting renown that will disappear before the attack
  • Fix bad state transition in the heresy quest
  • Added nil check for npc_kashio.lua to prevent crashing in rare cases
  • Fixed rare crash caused by slug smash if the card owner did not have the moxie tracker

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