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Chronology (approximate and incomplete) of the history of the Constant

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BM: Before Maxwell
AM: After Maxwell
Tending to BM: Dust, void, THEM.
Aeons BM: Civilization of the ancients, civilization of the merms, worms of the depths, ancestral horrors (Eternal Gnaw).
-Catastrophe with the power of shadows; implosion of the civilization of the ancients; the people of the arthropods sinking underground?
-The civilization of the merms decays, they lose memory of their history and begin to live without a guide like tribal beasts in the swamps.
-GNAW perhaps begins to spread its foul pandemic.
A few (or many) years before BM: Did the Codex Umbra come to earth?
Year 0: Maxwell's Reign: Much of the Surface Constant is rebuilt in the image and resemblance of an incapable and frail stage magician, William Carter aka Maxwell.
A few (or many) years AM: THEM enslave Maxwell, aware of it and falls into depression.
- Beginning of kidnappings, reason unknown.
Years later still AM: Wilson reaches the throne and takes pity on Maxwell, freeing him.
-Maxwell apparently dies, disintegrating into a pile of bones.
-Wilson becomes the new puppet king of the Constant.
-Just after, Charlie takes the throne from Wilson; becoming her the king puppet of THEM.
A considerable amount of time after AM: the cycle continues; but now the survivors are reunited. Some creatures native to the Constant itself, the moon or other dimensions comes to their aid.
-THEM return to the Constant, perhaps due to the impact of the Moon on earth. 

-Aeons AM: The civilization of the merms survives the last human, losing memory of humanity, ephemeral and transitory.

Tending to AM: Dust, void, THEM.


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