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Ocean Currents

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Something that I think would make ocean life and exploration a lot more interesting are ocean currents!

Ocean currents could spawn and look similar to world generated roads, but for the ocean! They have a lighter color than the ocean biome they are on, and are animated flowing in a direction.

Players can travel the ocean currents on their boats for more speed(Perhaps a 25% to Boat speed?, or -25% if traveling against it)

Items, if on a ocean current will get pushed along with the current too. Perhaps this can be used as an interesting and cool way to transport items by using the currents!

Ocean mobs such as fish, gnarwails, squids, sharks and more will use ocean currents to travel at a faster rate if need be.

Ocean currents would add to the ecosystem of the ocean and make exploration of it more interesting. What do you think of the idea?

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10 minutes ago, Hornete said:

I dont remember ocean currents in SW, care to explain?

i think he  either means the waves that you can use to go faster or the wind that pushes you and your boat in a certain direction 


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33 minutes ago, Well-met said:

You know perfectly well your idea is basically a permanent SW wave built into the floor.

or yeah the wind

This is a very silly comparison. It's like trying to say RoT boating is the same as SW boating, but of course it isn't.

I believe these ocean currents are unique enough to seperate themselves from SW waves. I'm opposed to the idea of SW waves personally because it would just be hell trying to use RoT boats on an ocean full of them. But with currents that only affect a small portion (Remember, I was thinking these ocean currents would spawn similarly to roads, they wouldn't be much larger than them either), If you're going against a current you can simply row/sail out of it and you are good to go.

I don't remember SW waves being able to push items along a path either, nor do I remember ocean mobs using waves to travel.

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