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I almost forgot there were no setpeices in the ocean. That could actually be a great way to liven the ocean up and make exploring funner. Speaking of which, could that be the next update? The thing in the photo looks somewhat like a clockwork and clockworks spawn in setpeices. 

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2 minutes ago, Cailu95 said:

On the lunar island we have the glass ax in the circle of trees but in the ocean I have not heard any reports of an existing setpiece



Just now, Well-met said:

the only ocean piece I know of is a group of kelps put together.

there is also a "set piece" of a shipwrecked boat with tons of boards in deep water

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2 minutes ago, Well-met said:

but there's no ship

it's just generic plank spam

i didnt say that thre is a ship xD

but doesnt feel like boards coinciding in one spot. Is deep water with rocks and in the middle a lot of boards. The last time i discover this i get 8 boards from only the ones on my screen

isnt a hard worked set piece but i consider it a set piece

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