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New Way to build a Chessboard!

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I have invented (i think) an entirely new way to build a chessboard with equally sized tiles!


Here it is with vertical view:


to make this, you need to have the turfs set up in the following way:


for every one carpet turf, there are two checkered turfs and four scaled turfs.

The Walls are there just to square the edges a bit, because on two sides the checkered+scaled turf hang off the edge a little bit:


I hope you liked my chessboard design! If you would like to use this build in a video, i would appreciate if you credited me!

Side note: this build was inspired by this naturally-spawning setpiece:


Steam Community :: Guide :: The Bishop Shootius

(the only screenshot i could find was from don giani's bishop shootius guide)

other note: this would look even better with beard hair rug instead of carpet

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Really cool, chessboard is one of the coolest build you can have in your map and yet they are always too big, this one is much more compact than the one only using Checker-Carpet with turfs around so they don't overlaps.

Yours is clearly the best to build yet but I would like to give an alternative for players that doesn't have the space to make a big one, or if you're looking to play with the entire board on the screen :


There's only two issue with this one, some tiles can be a bit claustrophobic (but absolutely playable) and you also have to find the correct grid which you can only notice after placing the turf, so look closely if you can have the perfect 8x8 before you build.

As for the chess pieces, you can use a large set of items, I especially like the various trinkets and candy of Hallowed Nights to make a spider team, but you can also use hat team, feather team... ^^

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I used 3x3 smashed walls for my chess board design. the statue chess pieces fit perfectly in the middle of each square. moon walls stood out more than the stone against the thulicite walls (and its literally light magic VS dark magic) but was too expensive ahah.

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