religion in havaria

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Simple question, but one i want to ask, if not for an answer, to at least point it out.

First of all, characters have mentioned hell before, although it may just be as a normal curse word (namely, a foreman said "what the hell").

Secondly, Vix'malli becomes a cardinal, which is a position in the catholic church but not really the first term i'd think of if i was making a name for a Cthulhu cult official.

my main question is where does the cult draw inspiration from. Catholicism? cthulhu obviously, but these two things just irked me in a way i didn't expect. are there other religions that are still remembered in havaria, I.E. the vagrant age wasn't millenia ago so religions like catholicism could be remembered in a vague way.

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Having grown up Catholic the way the Cult operates and how Hesh is used it feels extremely Catholic yeah. Sets off my fight or flight a little bit XD echos of Catholicism that humans brought to the planet in the Vagrant Age makes a lot of sense, yeah. But I would also argue that perhaps to us, the players, these things are just approximate translations from the tongue they're speaking? They certainly don't speak to eachother in English and whatever Babel Fish we've got stuck in our ear is going "Yeah, okay "sadamia" is pretty much "hell" so let's just go with that" but won't translate "Hesh" over because of the sacred nature of the word? Same way folks who speak Arabic worship Allah be them Christian or Muslim.

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