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A "flash mob" with the tag #WeWantDScartoon

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I really love Don't starve and I've seen that many fans on YouTube over the years also want to see a cartoon series on this game!

So I thought, why not arrange something like a flash mob!

 You put this tag, add your any creativity on the DS or DST universe, and mention Netflix or Amazon or similar studios on Twitter that might want to collaborate with Klei! 
Maybe it can work! Even if not, I think it will be fun! I really love the characters and the story and I would love to see the details! 
I have already started by making a short animation, I hope you will be interested!



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5 hours ago, minespatch said:


Why, HBO Max is only avaible in US i believe, that might create some problems. One of the best shows right now (Infinity Train) is only avaible on the HBO Max and many fans are afraid they might cancel it because besides having so many fans, it does not get enough views, and this is because of HBO Max is avaible only in the US and people don't want to pay that much just to watch one show.

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that isn't really how it works though? klei would have to go to one of those entities with a pitch and demo as well as with sales numbers and stats then if that is received they'd go into negotiations about what would be made and for how much and how many would be required at which point klei would need to hire a studio to actually make it and either hire staff to oversee that studio or allow some of their existing staff to be removed from working on the game to oversee it then when there are "finished" eps the entity they signed with would have a screening, say what they want changed or fixed or removed then that has to go back to the studio and be modified then if it is given the go-ahead it can actually get published and shown which is risky because you are looknig at 1-3 years in the future when the game might not be popular anymore


also the bulk of the userbase is in china so that isn't likely to bring dividends for anyone :/



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