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This update brings big changes to the game's difficulty curve, and a bunch of new systems and content.

Difficulty overhaul:

  • The default prestige level has been made more difficult, both in combat and negotiations. The prestige track has been made shorter and steeper. We combined a lot of the old prestige levels to make going up a level in prestige feel more impactful. Each step up the ladder should feel meaningfully harder than the last!
  • Mutators and custom card pool selections have been moved to a custom game mode, to provide a consistent challenge.
  • We've also added a new low-difficulty story mode, for when you just want to explore the choices in the characters' stories.

Perks and Grifts:

  • Perks are special unlockable skills that you can equip at the start of a run. You unlock perks by spending points that you earn by completing Grifts as you play the game. You can unlock up to 3 perk slots to use at a time, and there are 34 perks to unlock, split over 5 tiers.

Defensive Cards:

  • We've added a bunch of new defensive cards for Rook and Sal, rounding out their capabilities and supporting more cautious playing styles.

New Characters:

  • New promoted variants of the Laborer and Jakes Runner are waiting for you in prestige level 1.

New Daily Run Type:

  • A new daily run type has been added to the pool: Protection. See if you can help a wounded ally survive a series of tough fights. This daily will be available every three days.

Main UI Revamp:

  • The main UI bar has been redesigned to give you easier access to all of the information about your current run. You can see your perks, grafts, boons, banes, mutators, and relationships all in one place.

In addition, there are a lot of general fixes and balance changes. See the full patch notes below!

Happy grifting, everyone! We'll see you for our next scheduled update on September 17th. As always, you can follow along with our day-to-day development by opting in to the Experimental build. You'll see the changes that we make as we make them, and be able to give immediate feedback.

Patch Notes:



  • Added new defense cards for Rook and Sal 
  • Added nil-check for coin in reckless insult 
  • Twinned Conquest now increments its counter before duplicating the argument to prevent double activations caused by other grafts/cards
  • Wraith Needle now improvises uncommon or rare cards
  • Do Over: fix card destroying not triggering parasite health loss
  • Fixed bug where the auto targeting on Burn would sometimes be active at the wrong time.
  • "Exert" shows up without the stack count if applied as a single stack, as in Spark Cannon.
  • Psymitar: No longer boosts damage on cards without a damage range (eg. Known Thug)
  • Researcher: Only gains shills for item cards with charges.
  • Waylay: Blade Flashes are inserted into hand as per card text.
  • Fixed bug where Callus wasn't removed at the end of your turn
  • Removed the +1 from Rant on the unupgraded version
  • Reduced composure from Jargon by 1
  • Reworked The Spider to grant Temporary Power after every 8th card played.
  • Smith's Character Attack argument now shows where the composure is coming from
  • Fix Offset applying bonus damage for buffs, not debuffs.
  • Fixed bug where Drone's wouldn't surrender if their final sentient ally died/surrendered to non-card damage
  • Fixed bug where the Grakit's Temper condition got triggered by non-player attacks
  • Critical Expanse: now draws as many cards as was in your hand at the end of last turn.
  • Churn now reduces the cost of the maneuver card drawn by 1 instead of setting the cost to 0
  • Smith's Confrontational can no longer target the argument that triggered it.
  • Fixed description of Energy Loop to be consistent with other healing cards
  • Clear card target when duplicating a card. Fixes a bug where a duplicated Switch Blade maintained a reference to its previous target, showing bonus damage from eg. Wound.
  • Fixed bug where Tracer had no defend_amt defined
  • Thick Shell now displays the amount of Defense it grants as its number of stacks
  • Energy Loop now uses the Heal keyword
  • Added a target_type to Rubble
  • fixed description of Rook's Lever card
  • made bundle drafts mutually exclusive with other draft types
  • Fix broken snackrifice timing caused by spawning a seedling on Glofriam's side.
  • added missing target_type to energy_loop
  • Fix crash with tough and angry description outside of combat. Also amend description for clarity.
  • Variable cost negotiation cards should never give "Not enough actions" (eg. Browbeat vs. Chemist)
  • Fixed missing name for the scoring of Boot's Blaster
  • Fixed bug where the Luminari sometimes couldn't prepare a card. Also added a defend skill to their attack pattern
  • Ancient Warrior: clarify descriptive text.
  • Suppressing Fire: now accounts for bonuses to Defense gain when played (eg. Sparring) 
  • Clamp battle condition stacks when initializing.
  • Amend inaccurate descriptive text for Trample.
  • Deceive: Now apples its cost modification after additive modifiers, in particular, Call of the Rise.
  • Premium Quality: fix crash when playing with this perk
  • Energy Siphon: Fix no power warning.
  • Bounty Hunter: Rarity on the upgraded cards now match the base card.
  • Updated Shadow Mastery to use temp power
  • Reduced the cost of the bodyguard cards in daily_protect_friend.lua from 1 to 0
  • Back Pedal: Capitalize name.
  • Remove cost reduction for Wide Resonance, this was an oversight from a previous version of the card.
  • ESC on the graft draft popup invokes the Pause menu instead of choosing the Skip option.  This behaviour is consistent with card drafting.
  • Removed xp from assassins_mark
  • Charge Barrage: Now gains one extra attack per surge, and has previews for its bonus attacks.
  • Remove unnecessary clause from unupgraded Cash Out.
  • Fixed typo in the flavour text for Keep Cool
  • Fixed descriptions for Perfect Shape and Terror
  • Increased the composure on Rook's Rationale from 2 to 3
  • Increase damage of quick_fire_plus to 6-6
  • Reduced max xp of Serrated Edge by 2
  • Clarified description of Pressure
  • Wrath of Hesh: Simplify argument text.
  • Cash Out: Try a descriptive variant for clarity.
  • Lumin Kunai: Now inflicts 2 damage for each card played, as per the description.
  • Amnesiator: Should never apply to NPC cards.
  • Fix crash with Take Your Shot in negotiation
  • Twinned Conquest: Update description to be consistent with Psimulacrum
  • Twinned Conquest now displays a counter to indicate whether it's been used in the current turn.
  • Zig Zag: fix crash if there are no enemy targets left when drawing an attack
  • Fix crash playing Legacy Blade.
  • Dilemma: Cost is now reduced until played.
  • Fixed bug where red_herring didn't pass itself as the source of diversion
  • Stem will no longer choose variable cost or unplayable cards.
  • Renamed Rook's "Temper" card to "Tempered" to avoid clashing with the Grawkit's condition
  • Kingpin no longer applies on the turn it comes in, so damage previews stay correct.
  • Speed Wheel: Keyword "Charge"
  • Arc Loader: Changed to give 3 (5) Overcharge.
  • Fix the Marked bane triggering Fragile Health at the beginning of combat.
  • Swift Rebuttal: Clarify card text
  • Dilemma: Now applies after Force Compression
  • Fixed bug where Kashio's Dermal Cast would cause her clones to sometimes have more health than her
  • Crusher: does not reset cost when played.
  • Projector: now adds 3 damage.
  • Snail Bite: Add Gamble keyword to Snail Bite.
  • Remove some superfluous card text stating "for this negotiation", which is implicit.
  • Use Assassin's Mark+ on advancement, rather than modifying the Assassin's Mark card directly, which causes discrepancies when viewing the compendium version of the card.
  • Pet arguments are named after the pet.


  • New Daily Type: Protect Friend
  • Added the Swear Jar perk 
  • Animating the Perks/Slots/Tiers unlocking
  • Adjust some perk unlock thresholds
  • Higher-tier perks have install limits
  • Reorganized the perks into more appropriate tiers
  • Unnatural Growth and Brilliance are now mutually exclusive mutators 
  • Changed both quests from the Sealed Admiralty Envelope to be Opportunities to better reflect that they are not permanent
  • Add grifts for completing Brawl and Campaign, and tallying Executions to round off the final the perk points.
  • Benefits I/II/III: Causes the subjects to Like you instead of Love you.
  • Alert: Now provides +2 draw first turn only.
  • Enabled the promoted defs for the Jakes Runners and the Laborers
  • Disabled Smith in the dailies (for now... he's not tuned enough for the release build!)
  • Asset Liberation: show opinion event for negotiation option with bartender.  Only one negotiation can be chosen.
  • Update perk points on some higher tier grifts.
  • Add grifts for beating Eonwe and Threekwa.
  • increase the XP prestige bonus to account for the shorter prestige track
  • perk slots are unlockable by unlocking perks
  • Add some additional grifts.
  • Prisoner Exchange: Fix dialog implying that no battle is occurring.
  • Added some items to the Spark Baron and Rise shops (Skimmer, Jump Cables, Fuel Canister)


  • Base damage for NPCs increased from 6 to 7 at P0
  • Increased max health of non-boss enemies by 10% at P0
  • DEFAULT_SCALING for enemy attacks in negotiation changed from 1.5 to 1.75 DEFAULT_SCALING
  • Reduced the delay between Impatience applications from 2 to 1
  • Reduced scaling of Impatience from 2 to 1
  • Increased max resolve of NPCs by 15% at P0


  • Fixed typo in the options
  • Fixing bug playing the sound when a perk is unlocked. Also laying out the screen when a perk tier is unlocked, so that the tiers don't accidentally overlap
  • Making the main menu use the scissored screen dimentions instead of the window ones. This makes the logo be positioned correctly in ultrawide mode
  • Showing perk tiers on the Perks Sidebar on the Loadout
  • Fixing the layout of the fight/negotiation objective text on the top bar
  • Show active Perks on the main overlay top bar
  • Show unlocked grifts in a top-screen toast
  • More tweaks to the Perks screen. Improved the perk points icon. Added gamepad support. Laying out the perks and slots correctly
  • Improvements to the Perks screen
  • Smooth over some jarring screen transitions when completing a game.
  • New button style!
  • Fixed bug where you could always skip pack draft despite the roll_with_it mutator
  • Marking cards from locked characters as locked in the compendium
  • Removing framing from Feats list on main overlay. Fading out the main overlay top bars when showing a battle/negotiation preview panel, to free up space.
  • Adding icon amount limits to the main overlay icon containers. These limits depend on UI scaling mode and try to prevent the icons from overlapping other things. Also hiding the boons/banes on some UI screens. The relationships widget is also clickable now, instead of just its icons. Made adjustments to several details screens to accommodate the top bar
  • Making the Unlock Sets details/toggle interaction more clear. Left click toggles a set, and right click shows details. On gamepad, A toggles the set, and LT shows details. Also added focus direction overrides so that on the GameOverScreen, one can navigate to the unlock sets with gamepad, which didn't seem to be possible before.
  • Graft draft screen: The confirm button now states "Accept <graft name>" for clarity.
  • The loot screen no longer requires confirmtion for leaving upgrade reminders untaken.
  • Allowing left click to skip to the bottom of the conversation if it has been scrolled up
  • Laying out the Battle/Negotiation preview panel so that the bosses and their names don't fall off screen or get cut off on really wide monitors (21:9 and 32:9)
  • Try defaulting to current character filter when opening the cards compendium.
  • Deck screen shows number of post-filtered cards.
  • Fixed bug where dailychallengescreen.lua wasn't showing the allied character


  • Updated Russian, Chinese translations
  • Added the Smith Brawl preview 
  • Turncoat boss experiment
  • Fix inaccurate cursor hit testing due to using glyphs instead of processed_codepoints. (New lines would mess things up)
  • Fix extra burr cluster on max advancement causing fight to not complete immediately.
  • update all story days to suppress the "visit your room" option when it's time to sleep, and to mark your bartender
  • Buying more graft slots pops the conversation back to hub, to prevent accidentally buying more graft slots than intended.
  • Brawl graft drafts now use the GetGraftDraftDetails function so they can be affected by perks/mutators
  • Fix crash with Premium Quality and brawl grafts.
  • Moving the Custom Game functionality to a main button in the Loadout screen. Works well in gamepad now. Also making the card sets toggle on/off with left-click, and open the info popup with right-click
  • Moving the Card Sets and Mutators to a new Custom Game sidebar in the New Game Screen. Warning players about the Custom Game mode. Laying out everything else in the Loadout so it looks alright.
  • Prestige advancement is skipped when playing a custom game.
  • Log GetLastError() result if ReplaceFile fails.
  • Improved our error handling when loading profile.lua, to try to catch a (very rare) profile-wipe bug.
  • Add money gained grift.
  • Fix awarding unlock for Rook's brawl upon campaign completion.
  • Fixed bug where perks weren't being activated in story mode
  • Perks are selectable at the start of a new game (UI is pretty temporary)
  • You no longer get legacies when losing a game (other than the ability to retry the day at p0)
  • Added story mode (it's a button on the new game screen - UI will improve soon). It's really easy, so you can just focus on the story.
  • Private Security: Fix not being able to negotiate for a free item if you've never viewed the wares prior.
  • The day 1 boss is now decided at the end of the do_market_job objective in sal_story_day_1.lua to prevent reloading to get a different boss
  • Fixed a bug where event_fantastic_trainer.lua didn't update the title of your pet after training
  • weapons_supplier no allows you to skip the item  (previously you had to take it but could remove it from the deck screen)
  • event_found_by_lumicyte now checks that you can own a pet
  • Bandit tent encounter: Don't default present player, as the player enters as part of the confront dialog.
  • Fixed bug in daily_protect_friend.lua where enemies weren't being added to the gamestate
  • Reworded the description and change the effect of Focused Reversal to be more intuitive
  • The FACTION_LIKE legacy no longer affects non-sentients since they don't have relationships
  • Prestige unlocks are no longer awarded in story mode
  • Fixed bug where some feats would count as failed if you lost, even after meeting the criteria
  • Adjusted description for the mulligan draft
  • Added a conversion chart from old prestige to new prestige
  • gamestate.lua now converts your prestige to the new system if your save is old enough (and hasn't been converted yet)
  • Fixed bug in newgamescreen.lua where save validation wasn't being done correctly so no saves were ever being deprecated
  • Japanese and Russian localization update
  • The daily challenge now uses new prestiges 0, 1 and 4 as difficulties
  • Add WIP perk unlock screen. You can buy 'em but you can't use 'em yet.
  • Placeholder Grift UI in the compendium.
  • Reorganized the prestige levels, there are now only 6
  • Set up infinite retries for games in story mode (story mode currently unavailable)
  • Added new names and descriptions for the prestige levels
  • Fix quips occasionally not using the current speaker to generate tags.
  • Use quips for pets' happy bark.
  • Change ExtractKeywords to handle reference loops - this was causing crashes in some translations
  • Do a save after you beat the assassin, but before you sleep, on sal day 2
  • Also remove redundant "go to your room" at the end of sal day 2
  • Card Exporter:
  •     Filter out NPC cards in the card lists.
  •     Export at 2x current scale.
  •     Fix crash if trying to export without a card selected.
  • New deck screen / drafting music



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